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» The Canons
 Posted: Oct 16 2013, 08:03 PM
cora • 186
16 • administrator
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gods and goddesses

Below you will find our site canons. They consist of our gods, goddesses, cabin heads/counselors and certain other demigods. Below you will find a code for reserving and claiming canons. Reservations last for five days before the canon is reopened. If, for some reason, you cannot complete your application before the reserve runs out you may PM a staff member an request an extension. Because these are site canons, the applications will be judged more harshly than another application may be.

sean bean/negotiable, open

God of gods, Zeus sits as 'king' among the immortal. He rules the skies, being the god of lightning, honor and justice. He is married to Hera, who goes quite tired of his scandalous acts. He thinks highly of himself and demands no less than the utmost respect from others. He is self-centered and easily insulted. While being the god of justice, he is often times not a very forgiving man, especially should he suspect a hint of treason. He is known to allow his temper to get the best of him. Despite the apparent tower of negativity, this god has a softer side capable of love and sympathy. He loves his children dearly, though he is unable to show as much care for fear of being seen 'picking favorites'. He can also be quite dramatic. He is mistrusting of his brother Poseidon specifically for previously trying to overthrow him. He can often be found bickering about the smallest of things with his brothers Poseidon and Hades.

fc: emily didonato/negotiable, open

Born of sea foam, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love and desire. She was unhappily married to the god Hephaestus by Zeus and has not-so-secret affairs with the god of war, Ares. She is flirtatious, seductive and crafty, though not surprisingly as she is the goddess of love and lust. She is passionate and loving when she chooses to be, but can also be quite vain and temperamental. She does give quite good relationship advice-- or so I've been told.

fc: Ona Grauer/ negotiable, open

Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt, moon, chastity, animals and the wilderness. She is the twin sister to Apollo and leader figure to the group of hunters known as the Hunters of Artemis. She, along with her hunters, has turned her back on the male race and much prefers to live without them. As her father, Zeus promised to never force her to marry or bear children. Artemis has the best understanding of mortals out of the lot of the gods, as she spends the most time travelling their world with her hunters. She is a reasonable woman, and is able to show a level of tolerance towards men who are able to prove themselves to her. Despite her distaste for the male race, she is one of the most sympathetic of Olympians and cares to judge those by their acts and choices instead of their potential.

rosie tupper/negotiable, open

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture. She is noted to be the Olympian counterpart to Mother Earth. She and Hades have have a rough relationship to say the least, especially since the kidnapping of her daughter Persephone. She is a fussy and overprotective goddess, especially when it comes to her own children. She is known to let her mind wander, which may or may not contribute to her own daughter's capturing-- of course she would never admit to that. She often criticizes Hades (every chance she can get, really). She is an advocate of healthy lifestyles and hard work. A true mother figure among the gods.

lotte verbeek/negotiable, open

Queen of the Gods and wife/sister of Zeus, Hera is the goddess of women, marriage, and children. Hera possesses a temper that even Zeus fears, when provoked, insulted, or shown unfaithfulness. Despite being a motherly goddess, she only likes perfect families, and scorns those who are not. She carries a great disgust for the children of Zeus and their mothers, because of her husband's unfaithfulness. Despite always being reconciled with Zeus despite the various affairs, Hera often seeks revenge against the children of her husband and their mothers.

marion cotillard/negotiable, open

Little Persephone, daughter of the lovely Demeter and the almighty Zeus. Born just as any mortal would be, her birth is known as one of the most peculiar in Greek mythology, solely because of the contrast it has to those of more extraordinary origins. The goddess of vegetation, and more notably the springtime and flowers, Persephone is widely known as being delicate and breezy, much like her domain. On the other hand, she’s a little spitfire, proud and arrogant. Even though she’s grown used to the Underworld, this little flower is still as stubborn as ever, and doesn’t take too well to the way her mother and her husband treat her. Perhaps one of the more neglectful immortals, Persephone doesn’t worry too much about her own children. She’s much more interested in herself and her surroundings. Call her vain, but being plucked from a field of flowers and dragged down to the Underworld does that to a person, you know. She’d rather put her time into pulling herself away from her overprotective mother and her demanding husband than fawning and obsessing over her kids - she knows what that feels like, anyway, so she avoids it at all costs. Proud, young-looking, and pretty, Persephone is a clever, freedom-seeking, rebel of a goddess.

poseidon, negotiable face, open

He is Earth-Shaker, King of the Seas - the God who empowers the fury of earthquakes, and floods and drought, and all the waters that have come to be known. He is silver-tongued, corrosive, persuasive, and harsh like the sea, unleashing his wrath without hesitance, but with a reasoning to justify his evey action all the same. It is widely presumed that his tremors are founded by the tiniest touch of provocation, and while this has never been denied, this theory is otherwise inaccurate, and so loose a reference, that, for his own amusement, he follows the suggested persuasions. Were these otherwise dissolved, his truest nature of manipulating wiles, deviance and a benevolence that holds true regard of his heart, would be found; however, in his own twisted way, he personifies what others perceive him to be, gratifying his self-empowerment while playing to his own amusement.

Poseidon holds favour over his children, which is perhaps why he likes to come to them in such a manner as to belittle himself to their level. Yes, his love is amorous, and ever so unpredictable, and while his gentleness may surprise you, just wait until his irritation takes over. However not to the degree of impulsiveness like Zeus, he acts with the highest intensity, and though bends his pride and stubbornness for the sake of argument, his patience does not always hold concrete. Such is why, it is never a brilliant notion to think to manipulate the wrath of this God.

fc: Dimitri Lekkos/ negotiable, open

Apollo is the god of the sun, light, music, poetry and healing. He is the twin brother of Artemis and can often be caught poking fun at her. He rides across the skies in his sun chariot. The god of poetry has been obsessed with haiku as of late. He takes great pride in his own poetry though as luck would have it he is quite horrible at it. He is laid back and care free and has a tendency to hit on his sister's hunters. He is arrogant and self-centered. Aside from his inflated ego, Apollo has also been known to be quite cruel and place curses upon demigods.

fc: Melina Kanakaredes/ negotiable, open

Born fully grown and donned in armor from the head of Zeus himself, the virgin goddess Athena is that of wisdom and battle strategy. Her children are born from her mind in a similar fashion. She holds rivalries with both Poseidon and Arachne. She is a sympathetic goddess as well as intelligent, disciplined and skillful in combat. She thinks before acting. She never gives up and can be both strict and proud. She is usually kind to demigods but to cross her is to dig you own grave.

fc: robert downey jr./negotiable, open

Dionysus, known as Mr. D by campers, is the god of wine, parties, drunkenness and madness. He has been forced into the position of camp director by Zeus for chasing after a strictly off-limits wood nymph. Twice. He is to serve his punishment for a hundred years. He is open about his hatred of heroes, as he finds them vain and hypocritical. He is married and strongly devoted to his wife Ariadne.

fc: Nathan Fillion/negotiable, open

Hermes is the god of messengers, travelers, merchants, athletes and thieves. He runs the Olympus Postal Service (OPS), though to humans it appears as the UPS as a cover. He is reasonable and quite helpful, being the god that runs around delivering for other gods. He has a great understanding of the mortal world. He is quite cunning, as trickery is something in which he finds himself quite well versed. Though one should note that he can become quite furious should anyone cross him or say he does not care for his offspring.

fc: negotiable, currently unavailable


fc: Steeve Coogan/negotiable, open

Hades is the god of the underworld, wealth and the dead. He is infamous for kidnapping his wife Persephone and tricking her into being his wife by feeding her pomegranate seeds. He is the elder brother of Poseidon and Zeus, though arguable dealt the shortest straw. He is both honorable and cruel. He is known to hold a grudge for a ridiculously long time. He is strict with and demands much from his children. Being the judge of dead souls, he has great respect for the law and takes his work very seriously. There is a softer side to the god of the dead, though most may not believe it to be true.

fc: negotiable, open

Ares is the god of war. He has a strong love of violence and is always first to encourage it. He is cruel, rebellious, loud and prideful. He is a bully if there has ever been one and is known for picking fights. He can be a strict parent, though he harbors a love and a deep respect for his children as any other god does. He is easily riled up and hates nothing more than to be called a coward. He usually underestimates his opponents, but he is a man of his word.

fc: Pierce Brosnan/ negotiable, open

A centaur, Chiron is the Director at Camp Half Blood. He is prideful of his students, and acts as a father figure to the ones that have troubled families. Though usually calm and patient, when angered, Chiron exhibits a steely calm aura. He is willing to go out of his way, including putting himself in danger, to help the Demigods under his charge.

fc: Conrad Coates/ negotiable, open

Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths, forges, fire and technology among other things. He is married to Aphrodite, though she is far from faithful to him. He is a crippled god, having been thrown from Mt. Olympus as a child by his mother Hera though the act itself was blamed on Zeus. Hephaestus is quite grim. He is disappointed and bitter towards the world. He believes that machines are the things that will never put you down, unlike the living. He does show a love for man things, especially family (and yes, even is cheating wife, though it saddens him greatly).

fc: negotiable, open

The goddess of the home, hearth, and family, Hestia is considered both the oldest and youngest of Kronos's children, because she was the first born and swallowed, yet last to be released from her father. She gave up her seat to Dionysus to prevent a war among the Olympian Gods, and contently tends to the hearth at both Camp Half Blood and on Olympus.

The goddess is calm and humble, and possesses a kindness the other Gods and Goddesses lack. Her quiet personality has a certain degree of proudness to it, and she is a very wise goddess. Like Artemis, Hestia is a virgin goddess who places a high value in chastity.

fc: negotiable, currently unavailable


 Posted: Oct 16 2013, 08:27 PM
cora • 186
16 • administrator
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demigods spies (and other canons)

male or female, open

Highest-ranking demigod, a recruit to Gaia's army

demigod spy intel
male or female, open

Highest-ranking demigod spy, a recruit to Gaia's army

demigod spy
male or female, open

a recruit to Gaia's army

male or female, open

Having climbed the ranks, this demigod (along with the 'left'-hand) work closely with the lead and carry out a fair bit of dirty work and recruitment.

male or female, open

A recruit to Gaia's army

demigod spy
male or female, open

a recruit to Gaia's army

male or female, taken

Having climbed the ranks, this demigod (along with the right hand) work closely with the lead and carry out a fair bit of dirty work and recruitment.

Demigod Spy
male or female, open

a recruit to Gaia's army

demigod spy
male or female, open

a recruit to Gaia's army

To claim (remove asterisks):
[code*]<div style="width: 150px; height: 300px; background-image: url(150x300 IMAGE OF FC);"><div class="canchar"><div class="caninfo"><div style="padding:5px;"><div class="canname">POSITION</div>
<i>character first last(or fc for gods), gender(omit for gods), taken</i><p>


To reserve (remove asterisks):
[code*]<i>character first last, gender, reserved for alias until date five days from today</i>[/code*]
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