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» The Rules
 Posted: Oct 14 2013, 04:46 PM
cora • 186
16 • administrator
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Below you will find our site rules. Please read them carefully. Yes, we are well aware that the rules are boring and that no one really enjoys reading them but they are quite important, so we would appreciate it if you endured through to the end of the list.
• This one should go without saying, but please be respectful of other members, staff and guests. If you find that you are having a problem with another member, please PM a staff member to let us know.

• Activity is always important. We ask that, if you choose to join our site, you stay active. We would hate for a character to go inactive after a week or an application to go unfinished.

• If you will be going away, please let us know by dropping in on the absence thread.

• Please keep things appropriate. Due to the genre of the site, blood/violence may be found around our site. Sexually explicit content, however, is not allowed. Fade to black, time lapse, do whatever.

• Feel free to participate in any and all site events. They are designed for member to have fun and interact with other characters, so don't be afraid to jump right in.

• While we do not have a set word count, we do not want to see any one-liners. Please post at least two well-constructed paragraphs. We understand writer's block, but to leave someone with nothing to reply to isn't really worth it, is it? We just ask that you at least try to match your partner's post length. Proper grammar and spelling is necessary. If your post are found to be consistently lacking in any of the aforementioned, you may receive a message from a staff member with a gentle reminder.

• When you register on the site, please do so with your character's first and last name in all lowercase. We cannot stress this enough, as we know how frequent it is that people overlook this. If you make a mistake, simply inform a staff member and we will gladly fix it for you. Please do not make habit of it.

• Every account needs an avatar. Signatures are optional. For sizes, see the graphics section.

• Please check the face claims before selecting a face. Two people cannot have the same face unless they are identical twins. Please check our member list before registering to ensure that your desired name is not already taken. If multiple people have the same first name, it can get confusing. Last names may be shared if there is a blood relation through their mortal parent.

• We do not accept play bys under the age of 13 for both advertising and board rules.

• We allow the playing of gods on our site. However, we as staff reserve the right to turn down an applicant if we find that they are not well suited to the role.

• Children of the Big Three (Zeus, Hades and Poseidon) cannot simply be made. These characters are earned through in-character posts. Once you as a member reach 50 in-character posts (or pay 800 Drachmas) you may create a Big Three demigod. They are, after all, rare occurrences. If your muse for your Big Three demigod seems to have disappear on you, we will allow you to archive your current demigod and recreate a Big Three demigod one week after having it archived. Anyone found abusing this privilege will have it revoked. You are allowed a total of two big three children.

• Please note that we cannot accept every child of a different minor god. If a god's domain too closely resembles that of a preexisting god on the site, we will not accept that god as a godly parent as it is unreasonable for the staff to have to rewrite similar powers for six different minor gods. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. • On the topic of archiving, you may have a character archived when you find you cannot post for them for whatever the reason (lack of muse, time, etc). We would ask that you wait until an activity check, but if you really want it done before, PM a staff member with the character name and a link to any thread they have been a part of (or archiving purposes). You may have a character unarchived at any time.

• On Rising Tides, your first two character will be 'free'. For every character made after that, you must have at least one active thread per pre-existing character. An active thread is defined as having its most recent post from you within the last month.

• Demigods must be children of Greek gods. We will not accept Demi-titans, children of the Roman counterparts or children of Primordial gods.

• Currently, our site only accepts creatures which are Satyrs, Nymphs or Centaurs.

• Every character must have a face claim. Children of Aphrodite are known to change appearance. For the site, your character is able to change their hair, eyes, and clothing only.

• Mary Sues and Gary Sues are not allowed on the site. Everyone possesses a hamartia (fatal flaw) and no one is perfect. On a similar note, we don't want any sob story characters or a million emo/goth type characters either. Please try to make well-rounded characters.

• Please check above the Cbox for any banned characters.

• Before you post in-character or make a shipper, please make sure you have completed your claims. Face claims and the Directory are mandatory claims. After you have completed your claims, post in the sorting thread and a staff member will sort your character into the appropriate membergroup.

Out of Character
• Feel free to drop by the chat box and say hello. We love new faces. Please do not spam, advertise a site or make inappropriate comments (especially towards others).

• Fighting in OOC boards or the chatbox is not tolerated. If you are having issues with another member, please let a staff member know.

• Advertisements and affiliates go in their respective boards. We do not wish to find them anywhere else.

• Avatars must be 200x300 pixels, no more no less. They are mandatory and should be images of your face claim.

• Signatures should be no larger that 500x500. If they go a little over, that's fine. Please do not stretch the board.

• Images in posts cannot stretch the board.

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