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» The Plot
 Posted: Oct 14 2013, 04:37 PM
cora • 186
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the plot the plot the plot the plot the plot the plot the plot the plot

At least until recently, the Gods have been going about their business. But lately they have begun pointing fingers, placing blame for the occurrences falling upon the planet. Every so often hurricanes have been blowing, earthquakes rumbling, entire ecosystems have been set ablaze, crops have been dying and sink holes have been appearing from nothing. No god (or goddess) will admit to causing these disasters, but someone must be behind it.

The Mother to the Titans and Grandmother to the gods Gaia, Mother Earth herself, is rising. She has been dormant, allowing her grandchildren to reign over her domain, but the growing impact of the mortal world on the Earth has angered her. She no longer believes her grandchildren to be capable of maintaining 'her' world, and plans to overthrow them. Her plan? To pit the gods against each other and watch it unfold. Then, from the ashes of the old, she will birth a new earth. A better earth. She has several gods and demigods like her on her side: those with grudges, with agendas, with a thirst for revenge on the wrongs done to them by the rest of the world. With all this power before her, how can anything stand in her way?

With tensions running high, lines are being drawn and sides are being chosen. On top of this, the Oracle has spoken. In an attempt at keeping the camp from panic and dividing among itself, Chiron has kept word of the rising problem out of camp.

It had been a year since these problems began escalating. How long will it be until the problem is too serious to ignore, and how sincere are Mother Earth's promises? One thing is certain: the tides are rising.

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