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» THE FAQ, frequently asked questions
 Posted: Oct 20 2013, 07:32 PM
Dae • 145
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frequently asked questions frequently asked questions
If you aren't sure about something after reading over our information, please check here in case your question has been answered! If it hasn't, feel free to personal message a staff member, ask in our Cbox, or post in this guest-friendly forum!

Q. Do you have subaccounts here?

A. Yes, we have them enabled. Your first character account will be your parent account, and all subsequent accounts you make will be linked to it by going into 'Edit Subaccounts' in your control panel.

Q. Is doHTML enabled?

A. For guests advertising, no. For members, yes!

Q. What kind of face can I use to represent my character?

A. Play-bys are mandatory for all characters and must be of well-known people like actors, models and musicians (basically, celebrities).

Q. What application options do you have?

A. Right now, just freestyle. But we provide plenty of app prompts if you get stuck!

Q. Once my character's accepted, what do I do next? Can I RP and post up a plotter straightaway?

A. After being accepted, we ask you to take the time to fill out your claims first. The face claim and directory claim are mandatory, and if your character is a canon or has a counselor / cabin head role at camp, check those out as well!

Q. I'm still a little confused, could you explain the dice roll to me?

A. Yes indeedy! So, when your character is accepted you'll notice they have a 'die roll result' followed by a number. You'll also notice that on the list of powers and abilities for your respective godly parent, there is one bolded at the very bottom. Every camper will automatically get every ability for their parent with the exception of the bolded one. To get the bolded ability as well, your die roll result would have to land on the number 3 (for the Big Three, get it? So clever). You may also chose to purchase the special ability for your character later on the drachmas collected from posting (see Monetary System).


Q. I don't get it. How can you have Thalia's Tree if the actual series never existed?

A. Well, let's think about it. The 'Man in the Moon' stories were made up to go with the faces people saw in the moon. The moon was there beforehand, but people made up a story to go along with it. That's kind of like what's going on here. The stories of Percy and his friends never really happened but the campers still know of their stories because they're passed on to the younger campers. They're more to instill a sense of hope and motivation than anything else.

Q. Do I need to know everything in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books and have watched the movies to be able to join?

A. A passing knowledge of the series' general concepts is recommended, but you don't need to have watched the movies or to know everything in the books inside out.

Q. How much Greek mythology do I need to know?

A. Whatever's mentioned in the books and movies is plenty. A basic understanding of the main types of gods and creatures that appear in Greek myth is more than enough to get by; if unsure on anything, just ask a fellow member or Google it.

Q. Can I play any of the characters that appear in the books?

A. Only the Olympian Gods, including minor gods, are available for play; see our Canon List. Chiron is also playable. All of the other canons - including Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, and all the others - don't exist in this world.

Q. Does this board include the canon from the sequel book series The Heroes of Olympus?

A. Only in part, regarding the overall concepts of the entire series. We do not allow halfblood children of the Roman gods or any deities or creatures from outside the Greek pantheon.

Q. Can I play a cyclops, harpy, gorgon, lamia, or other type of mythical creature?

A. Unfortunately, no; the only creatures that are playable at the current time are satyrs, nymphs and centaurs.

Q. Can I play a child of the 'Big Three' (Zeus, Hades, Poseidon)?

A. Yes, but not straightaway; this option is only available to established members who have 50+ IC posts overall, or pay 800 drachmas. So work hard and you'll get there!

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