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» The Prompts
 Posted: Oct 19 2013, 12:02 AM
cora • 186
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the app prompts the app prompts the app prompts the app prompts
Using prompts in your app is not necessary. You can use them if you want but you have the liberty to do what you want with your freestyle app. if you want a combination of prompts and freestyle, that's fine as well. You can alter the prompts if you wish. New prompts will be added over time. Keep in mind that your app does still need to give us an idea of your character and if it does not then we may ask you to write more.

• You are trapped in a haunted house!

• You are locked out of your house in the middle of the night

• You are riding in the back of a police car

• Write about your character in the viewpoint of another

• Your best friend has set you up on a blind date

• You wake up in wood with no memory of why or how you got there

• There has been a death in the family

• You were just witness to a crime and the perpetrator is looking right at you

• You wake up and find yourself without one of your senses (sight, smell, touch, etc.)

• It is your first day at camp

• Describe your most vivid or memorable dream

• The biggest, toughest demigod at camp has just challenged you

• You have overheard your best friend talking behind your back

• You snuck out of your cabin at night and the harpies have heard you

• You were invited to a party but when you show up no one is there

• You have to pretend to be a couple with a stranger/ your mortal enemy

• You are handcuffed to a stranger for a day

• Describe the best day of your life

• Describe the worst day of your life

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