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» The Demigod Powers and Abilities
 Posted: Oct 18 2013, 11:11 PM
cora • 186
16 • administrator
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powers and abilities
Below is a list of demigod powers and ability arranged by godly parent. You will notice that there is one power/ability written in bold per group. This is a Special Ability. Every character will automatically get the abilities listed with the exception of this special ability. When you are accepted, a staff member will roll a die. Should the die land on three, then congratulations! Your character will also receive the bolded ability. Not every single god and goddess is listed. When a child of a god/goddess is not listed, the powers will be put up as soon as possible. If a minors domain relates too closely to an already existing group, they may be denied.
curren gods

If you wish to make a character that is a child of one not listed, you must PM an Admin with the god/goddess you want to suggest.

 Posted: Dec 27 2013, 11:42 PM
Dae • 145
20 • admin
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powers and abilities
demigod powers and abilities demigod powers and abilities
Aeolus *
• With a father who controls the air, it's no wonder this campers are able to summon massive winds. They can generate anything from a cool gust of a hot summer's day to a full blown storm. Of course, the stronger the summon the more energy you consume. But hey, I highly suggest buddying up with one of the human fans come the dry season.

• It's all in the currents for these campers. They can change the temperature in an area by alternating the hot and cold currents. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. The larger an area you adjust, the harder it becomes to maintain. Also, beware of sudden temperature changes. They can often do more harm than good!

• These campers are remarkable with pegasi. They can really speak their language, if you catch my drift. Alright, too many bad jokes. I'm sorry. These campers thrive in the skies, and what better ay to get around than on the backs of flying horses?

• Children of Aeolus are able to manipulate the air into weapons, much like the children of Khione. They can manipulate the winds into sharpened blades or condense it into a temporary shield. This power only words for continuous movement. If you stop moving about with your weapon, it fades away. Think of it this way: you can keep wind sitting still, it'll get bored.

Certain campers are gifted with the abilities of flight. Kind of like children of Zeus, these campers can keep themselves up for as long as they please by bending the air currents. They can summon drafts to lift them sky high. However, this requires a lot of concentration and skill. Bodies are heavy things!
• Aside from their seemingly unnatural beauty, the children of Aphrodite simply cannot become unkempt, should we say. They never seem to have a hair out of place. If you've ever seen one of Aphrodite's children try to mess up their hair (which is quite the sight to see), you'd notice how their hair will always return to its perfect state on its own, all thanks to their mother's blessing.

• The children of Aphrodite can be extremely charming, should they choose to be. They can be extremely social. If they wanted to be friends with you and they gave at least some effort towards it, you would have a new best friend.

• The children of Aphrodite have control over makeup, clothing and jewelry. Should they choose to change clothing in the middle of a meal, a simply snap of the fingers would suffice. Granted, it does take practice not to end up naked in the middle of the pavilion.

• Demigods belonging to this cabin posses mild amokinesis: the ability to control the emotions of love and desire. While nowhere near the strength or potency of their mother - they cannot force love upon someone - they still make quite the matchmakers, influencing these feelings more than your average person

• These campers are able to speak fluent French. The language of love has never sounded better, trust me.

Some campers possess the power of charm-speak. They could talk you into just about anything. You might not even want to do it, but with a bit of charm-speak and batted lashes you'll be carrying this camper around on your shoulders for the rest of the day.
• Apollo's offspring excel in archery(or other target-based activities for that matter). They could hit a bulls-eye with their eyes closed. We wouldn't like to see them try, though. Ouch.

• These campers have the ability to curse others to speak only in rhyme. This can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

• The children of the sun god are natural healers. While they can't fully heal that gaping wound in your shoulder, they should know how to take care of it properly. For minor wounds such as scrapes and bruises and other less-than-life-threatening wounds, well. with a quick song (sung in Greek) to their father you'll be good as new.

• Children of Apollo are exceptionally gifted in physical contests and games.

• All of Apollo's children are skilled musicians. Their musical talents are really quite something. Many of them go off to be famous artists or composers. Some even run big recording companies, but who knows?

Being the children of the sun god, these campers can function as their own flashlights. If ever there was a time you find yourself in the dark with one of these campers, they could produce a ball of light the size of a baseball to light the way, or produce a glow from their bodies as a whole. Of course, this power wears out and must be 'charged' in real sunlight. Then again, they can also try to blind you with it.
• The members of this cabin possess incredible strength and swiftness in battle. You wouldn't want to challenge one of them to an arm wrestle. I heard they could throw a pavilion table if they so choose.

• The children of Ares are able to expertly wield any weapon known to man. Even if they have never before wielded it, these campers will find no sword too heavy and no bow too stiff.

• These campers are experts in war strategies. They could draw an entire attack plan in the mud with a stick in under five minutes and put it into action in half that. It's not surprising that they rock it at Capture the Flag.

• Ares' campers have the ability to curse the weapons of their opponents. With boiling blood, these campers can turn your sword into a snake or reduce your precious arrows to rubber. Don't worry, they'll turn back to normal. Of course... by the time that happens, you'll have already lost.

• Ares spawns are able to detect weakness in stuctures and opponents. Have a bad shoulder or a bum knee? Do you have a weak uppercut? leave it to these campers to spot it.

Nothing can stand in the way of these campers. When needed, they are able to push away any feelings of pain and charge on to get the job done. By cutting off any feelings on physical pain, they are able to win battle and defeat enemies. This cut off has a timer, however, of anywhere between five and ten minutes depending on the demigod. Better be quick!
• The hunters of Artemis possess eternal youth and do not age. You can be seventeen when you join the goddess' hunt and look just as you once did two hundred years later. Forget botox.

• The hunters have increased strength, stamina and accuracy. It definitely helps to have these stills when you're going about with a bow.

The hunters do NOT receive any extra powers. You do, however, get these listed ability bonuses in addition to whatever you get from your godly parent. Yay!

• These campers possess experienced knowledge of battle strategy. It's quite rare for them to lose in a battle, which may just be what makes them so good at Capture the Flag. For kicks, these campers are put up against those of the Ares cabin.

• Athena's children are experts in hand-to-hand combat. They can knock you down before you can even counter-attack. Don't get on their bad side.

• They are extremely intelligent. Their cabin alone is filled with books and diagrams of all sorts. They're the campers you go to with your homework or your life problems. Their wisdom is outstanding, especially for their age.

• These campers know how to weave almost instinctively. It may not be the most useful of skills, but they make a mean grass basket.

With their incredible minds it's no wonder that some of these campers possess the powers of telekinesis. However only to some degree. These campers can move objects with the sole strength of their minds. However, they cannot move people or anything larger than an average sized dinner table. This power requires a fair bit of practice. A new camper would not have much control over this ability.
Deimos *
• Children of Deimos are able to sense an individual's deepest fears. Mortal or demigod, there is no hiding your odd phobias from these campers.

• These campers can induce fear into others. It can be a mild uncomfortable feeling or a full blown phobia that has them running with their tails between their legs. This fear could last anywhere from a few minutes to a several hours.

• Similar to the above, these campers can sense fear. There's no hiding it, they can see the fear on you clear as day. They can follow a 'scent' of fear, or so to speak. It will usually appear to them as a bluish trail of hovering dust particles. They can track you down with ease.

Certain campers are able to cause individuals to hallucinate. This causes them to see their most prominent fears playing out before their eyes. It's a bit of a cruel ability, but is usually quite effective.

• These campers are natural cooks. They could go professional if they really wanted, so naturally they aren't too pleased with what the camp serves. They have expensive palates. Nothing wrong with that.

• These campers can identify any type of plant, herb or spice. Be it by touch, smell or simply looking at it, they always know.

• Children of Demeter can manipulate the growth of plants. This means that they can influence the growth of plants. They can make them grow into marvelous shapes and sizes. While they can't make them grow instantly, these campers can cut the time it takes to grow a plant in half, and with their green thumbs they can even arrange them into lovely center pieces.

Certain campers can control plants. They can make roots jet from the ground or make branches take hold of their enemies. This power is a tricky one and drains a lot out of the user, so most only use it in emergency situations.
• Children of Dionysus are the life of the party. They're a hoot and a half to be around, guaranteed. When they throw a party, you know it's going to be legendary.

• Don't like apple juice, but the cola is too expensive? No problem for these campers. They can manipulate any drink and turn it into the beverage of their choosing, though of course alcohol is not allowed in camp.

• Much like the children of Demeter, these campers can manipulate the growth of plants.

• They possess the ability to induce temporary madness. While they cannot cause seemingly permanent madness like their father, these campers can, at best, make this last a few hours. It's more of a curse, really. You'd best not anger one of these campers.

Some campers possess an interesting curse ability. These campers can turn any object into something that has to do with wine. This can be a wine glass, a chalice full of grapes or even a cork. The curse may wear out eventually, but the times vary and it is quite impossible to predict when, or if, your carriage will turn back into a pumpkin.
• These campers are able to sense when a human or halfblood they know has died. It comes as a cold breeze, the feeling of the heart skipping a beat or even the feeling of having the wind knocked from you.

• These campers can sense the life auras of others.

• They possess mild umbrakinesis. They can manipulate the darkness and make an exceptional stealth cover if they so choose.

• These campers can summon fissures of hellfire with which to hold off enemies or trap them in the underworld.

• These campers are able to do a little thing called shadow travel. The darkness of a shadow can act as a sort of portal for these campers. It is not an automatic travel. This portal opens up a tunnel to the destination of their choosing, in which you are moving at a high speed. This is one of the most draining demigod abilities. It is common for demigods to pass out after their first travel.

• These campers possess geokinesis, the ability to manipulate the earth. They can cause sharp tendrils of rock to jet from the ground, or turn the dirt by your feet into quicksand.

Select campers are able to resurrect the dead and speak to the souls of those who have passed. You can ask them questions, or maybe you just want someone to talk to, but be warned that it isn't uncommon for these souls to try to cheat you out of something. The rest of them are usually just focused on begging to be brought back to life.
Hebe *
• Hebe's offspring are highly sociable. They live for social events and parties, which might be what makes them such a good match for a Dionysus camper.

• Just like their mother, they maintain a youthful appearance throughout their lives.

• Have you ever felt happy when around one of these campers for no apparent reason? That might just be because these campers emit a sort of energy to boost spirits. While you won't be in a happy-go-lucky mood, you'll feel somewhat content. This tends to make it hard to stay mad at them.

Some campers are able to bestow youth upon others. While not permanent, they can send you back into your prime. Wrinkles will be a thing of the past.
Hecate *
• Children of Hecate are able to communicate with canines as their mother presides over them. This includes hell-hounds and any other beast to fall under the canine category. While they cannot control them, they can speak and reason with man's best friend and they usually listen.

• These campers are able to create potions. Much like Demeter's children and cooking, these demigods always know exactly what to put into the cauldron to get the desired result, and the chances of failure are slim.

• These campers have a unique sense of direction. They can never be lost because their paths are always lighted. While others cannot see it, there is a trail of light illuminating their path.

• These campers can manipulate the mist. They can cast illusions, summon objects and even create apparitions called 'Mistforms'.

• Children of Hecate can cast incantations by speaking in Ancient Greek. They can cast protection spells, dispel their scent from tracking monsters and create small, controlled fires.

• These campers can levitate objects, though none bigger than that of a table-top fan.

Demigods of the goddess of pathways are able to teleport. They can disappear and reappear up to ten meters away, or farther with practice. Their mother does not go easy on her children, and naturally they work harder to prove themselves to her.

NOTE: Due to issues with power-play, these campers cannot perform actual magic.
• These campers are expert builders and mechanics. They can build something out of next to nothing at all. You would be surprised by what they can do with a couple sticks and a long blade of grass.

• They can sense any kind of machinery or technology. These campers are able to sense machinery and traps in the ground, as long as it is mechanically built. They can identify what a contraption does simply by touch.

• Children of this god are next to immune to burns from their hours spent in the forges. Many of our older campers can pick up red hot metal with their bare hands without side effect. Newer campers, for the most part, continue to wear heat-resistant gloves to be safe.

• Hephaestus' children can control any piece of machinery. The can animate them or control them like puppets for minutes at a time. The longer they are able to keep control over the machines varies depending on the camper. Some can keep it up for a minute and a half, while others can go for five.

Select campers are chosen by their father to be blessed with pyrokinesis. They can control and manipulate fire to their will. While they cannot create large fire from nothing, if they have a match or even a couple dry twigs handy and can spark the fire they're good to go!
Herakles *
• Children of Herakles possess remarkable superhuman strength. They could lift a car if they worked hard enough at it. Such strength would require quite a few hours of working out.

• These campers are able to endure great amounts of pain. Not to be confused with Ares campers who can push away pain, these demigods are able to physically endure it and continue on into battle. While it may catch up with them later, it makes them a vital part of any team.

• These campers are typically very courageous and love quests of any sort. What with their father's labors and all. They possess incredible perseverance and aren't know to give up without a fight.

These campers, like their father before them, are able to travel to and from Hades as they please without having to be dead. While we aren't quite sure why anyone would willingly go down into the depths of Hades' domain (he's quite the grump) should they wish it they can transport themselves to Hades' gate.

• These campers are extremely persuasive. They could talk you out of your life's savings. They are extremely cunning in trickery and deception.

• These campers are extremely athletic. They can run for miles without breaking a sweat. Their stamina is astounding. They're the fastest two feet this side of the Pantheon. Their speed really often seems quite superhuman.

• A trap stands no chance against one of Hermes' children. They are able to sense traps in the area and therefore avoid coming into contact with them. It's pretty useful during Capture the Flag.

• Children of Hermes are good with alchemy and potion brewing.

• These campers are good with the handling of money.

• They are skilled in theft and slight of hand. Missing your watch? You know where to look.

• These campers are able to unlock doors with minds. They need not know how to pick a lock (but most of them still do) since with a nod of the head, they can have almost any door sliding open.

Demigods residing in the messenger god's cabin are able to implant thoughts into the minds of others. While they cannot hear the other person's thoughts, they can speak to them without the use of an link.
Hypnos *
• Obviously, the children of the god of sleep can always be found dozing off. They always seem to be either sleeping or in a tired, groggy state of mind.

• These campers are able to dip into others' memories. The happy memories are always the easiest to uncover. The more unhappy, traumatic or buried the memory is in the person's subconscious, the more difficult it is to recover. These campers can also alter memories. Say they caught you sneaking around where you shouldn't. Now they won't even know it was you.

• Have you ever felt tired when you are around one of these campers? That may be because they actually have the ability to induce sleep. Sometimes these campers can make you fall asleep without even knowing it. It takes a while to get that under control, but it's extremely useful to be able to knock someone out and sneak past them.

• They are able to induce hypnosis. Just keep your eye on the pencil... you are getting sleepy. Very... sleepy...

Some campers have the ability of astral projection. When they dream they are able to project themselves out of their dormant bodies and visit different places within a two-mile radius. The can return as they please as long as they have not been woken up. If you're woken up, you are, rather forcefully, sucked back into your body. It doesn't hurt, by you may feel a bit dizzy. However, should their body, for any reason, become unavailable (through death or other things) you must float around in this out of body state until a solution can be found. Ever wonder why there are so many 'ghost stories' in modern day?
Iris *
• These demigods are experts at color coordination. They know what color will make two others look good, or when a color pallette simply isn't going to work. Of course, some of Aphrodite's cabin will come and ask for opinions, but then again they don't like being told their shoes don't match their shirts.

• Great artists have hailed from this very cabin. These campers are skilled with art and can paint, sketch or sculpt whatever they should choose. They know how to use every type of art supply known to man and a few others. They've even been seen drawing with grass stains on the face of a rock. There is no end to their creativity.

• The ability to bend light is a tricky one. Demigods with this ability can condense light particles to make a fine laser or even bend it to become infrared or ultra violet.

• These campers can send iris messages at will free of charge! Just a perk of having a colorful mother.

Iris' demigods can create illusions. The are able to make you see what isn't really there. Whether it be simply having the head of an insect or falling into a pit of burning lava, these bright and colorful demigods can be your worst nightmare.
Khione *
• Children of Khione have the ability to freeze liquids. They could whip you up a popcicle on a hot summer's day in seconds flat or even just chill your room temperature Coke Zero.

• These demigods can summon icy winds to knock over objects and opponents.

• They are able to sense fires and other large heat sources.

• Khione's children are often able to alter temperatures in small areas. The cabin a little too hot? Not a problem. When overwhelmed by emotion, these demigods have also be known to subconsciously summon blizzards and hail storms.

• They are able to generate ice and snow on a whim, as long as the air is not dry. Who ever said it couldn't snow in July? This power, however, isn't extensive. It doesn't snow for miles, but you could turn your cabin into a winter wonderland if you so chose. They posses remarkable powers of snow and ice manipulation.

• These demigods are usually cold to the touch. Despite this, however, they have a high resistance to colds and are known to walk through the coldest winter's day in T-shirts.

Some children are blessed by their mother with the ability to summon icy weapons (among other things) from tin air. They take the moisture from the air and are able to manipulate it at will into an icy blade(or another item). This power, of course, would not be possible if they are in an area with dry air. If you cannot draw water from the air, then you cannot freeze it, can you? Still, a pretty cool ability if you ask me.
Nemesis *
• It's not good to cross children of Nemesis. These children are able to jinx and hex people - often causing bad luck. But, if you don't like somebody, these kids can be paid to do certain bad deeds... just saying.

• These children are able to get certain things via "debting" their mother. If it be some more muscle or the answer to a quest-changing event, these children can get it. However, the price of these debts are awful and terrifying, often costing these children various limbs or their friends.

• These campers have a natural affinity with whips and chains, and these are usually the weapons they prefer.

• Children of Nemesis can feel a person's karma (their good deeds and bad deeds).

Some of these children are blessed with minor precognition, usually referring to catastrophic events. These are visions, and do not compare to The Oracle's power. Likewise, they cannot make prophecies and their visions are viable to change. Images in illusions are not always as they appear. Ever seen That's So Raven?
Nike *
• Children of Nike have a knack for great rallying speeches. They also throw some of the best victory parties, if you were on their team.

• These campers are extremely athletic, and love work-outs. For this reason, they appear to gain muscle quickly. They are almost always training, and are adept with most every weapon.

• They are incredible team players, and for this reason, they are very good at Capture the Flag. However, they like to know their opponents, be it another camper or monsters. They know weaknesses and strengths and children of Nike make sure to exploit them.

Some of Nike's children are able to transfer some of their adrenaline into super-speed and strength. How long this speed and strength last depends on two factors - how "hyped up" they are, and how much time they've put into toning their body. Naturally, over-usage of this ability results in extreme fatigue, and in some rare causes, internal injuries or bone breaking.
Persephone *
• As grandchildren to Demeter, these campers posses mild chlorokinesis-- though not as powerful as that of Demeter's offspring. These campers have control over anything that blooms, and are able to grow beautiful flowers of a variety of colors. They can even change the colors of preexisting flowers. Cool, huh?

• These campers have very weak powers of geokinesis. While they cannot create massive tendrils of earth like a child of Hades might, they can still manipulate the eath to some extent.

• These campers possess an interesting curse. Thye are able to turn anything (or anyone) into a flower. They could turn your sword into a Daffodil, or even turn you into the tulip you were always meant to be!

Certain campers are able to render themselves temporarily invisible. Their mother is quite well versed at disappearing from Hades' domain, and now these children can slip out of training too, should they so choose. Their invisibility last for about seven minutes, after which they will once again become visible. Remember, there is a difference between being invisible and being able to walk through walls.
• Children of the sea god possess a healing ability. As opposed to the children of Apollo, who do so by touch, theses campers can heal through the use of water and it is much stronger. If you have a gaping wound, one of these campers may be able to fix you right up by dousing your wound in running water. Note that tap or bottled water will not work, and that it must be water from a stream, lake, or ocean.

• They can communicate well with hippocampi and other horses, their father's 'creations'.

• On water, these campers always know where they are down to the exact coordinates.

• These campers can manipulate water. They can summon large waves or even 'harden' water to the point where it can be used as a shield or a solid platform to stand upon. They can create bubbles for people who cannot breathe underwater.

• Children of Poseidon can hold their breath underwater for extremely long periods of time. It can often be quite shocking if you have never seen them do it before. On top of all this awesomeness they are immune to water pressures and do not burn as easily as most others might. They can also will themselves to stay dry in water which, if you ask me, is quite useful.

• They can control boats and ships and are able to know what all the buttons, levers and wheels do.

Some campers are able to create earthquakes and tremors. While they may not be starting category nine quakes anytime soon, it's certainly enough to knock you off your feet and shake your belongings off the tables.
Thanatos *
• Due to their father's connection to death his offspring have several death-related abilities. What a cheerful bunch, huh? These campers, much like the offspring of Hades, are able to sense when a person (demigod or otherwise) that they know has died. It comes as a cold breeze, the heart skipping a beat or feeling as though they've had the wind knocked from them depending on their relationship.

• These campers are able to see a person's final moments or sometimes even snippets of their life by touching their corpse. While we don't condone touching lifeless bodies, if you're just dying to know, now you can! Get it, dying? Sorry.

• These campers are able to delay a person's death by as much as fifteen minutes. Makes useful if you're waiting to get help!

• On top of this, since their father if the god of peaceful death, they are able to relieve people of serious pain. Not only will your mortally wounded friend not feel a thing, but they will also be calmed down by your presence. A truly peaceful end.

Some campers are able to glimpse into the world of the dead. They can do so in one of two ways: by meditating and sening themseves into a peaceful, focused state or by physically touching a tombstone. The former is made easier when in a quiet, peaceful place while the latter can show you the person who's tombstone you have come into contact with.
Tyche *
• These campers are able to bestow good luck upon themselves and others, which can result in them learning skills quicker or doing well in training. Unfortunately, this ability has been banned during Capture the Flag sessions. They can literally manipulate luck and sway situations in their favor.

• They love games of chance. Perhaps because they always win, but I've been wrong before.

• Children of Tyche often go on to become CEOs. They're good with numbers and even better at gaining money and getting more.

• Unsurprisingly, these campers are rather lazy in training. They rely on their raw luck to help them in certain situations.

• These children appear resistant to jinxes and curses.

Some of Tyche's children are blessed with minor precognition. Unlike children of Nemesis, however, they can only see "good" things. These visions do not compare to The Oracle's power, and likewise they cannot make prophecies. Their visions are also able to change depending on various factors.
• Children of this Big Three god are remarkable leaders. They have this smooth flowing way about them. Whether it is the way it is that they speak or how charismatic they seem to be, when they talk you listen. You might say they have an electric personality. Get it? Because their dad is Zeus... Alright, I apologize.

• These children can all send light shocks and jolts to people or objects through touch. Those friction balloons you used as a child have nothing on them.

• Zeus' children can create gusts of wind strong enough to knock you off your feet or push you across a room. They can manipulate the air and are actually able to 'fly' short distances. Of course, not too high. There are still air pressure issues. Curse you, physics. It is, however, pretty nifty, and really useful in the summer heat. Just saying.

• These campers have some control over the weather. While they cannot make it sunny every day of the year, if there's a storm brewing someone may have really upset one of these campers. This power is greatly influenced by emotion.

• There campers are naturally able to fly any air-borne machine known to man. Take that, flight school. • They are able to communicate well with any animal that lives for the air, with the exception of pegasi. Just because you can have a meaningful conversation with a bird doesn't make you weird.

These campers' special ability is electrokinesis or the ability to control and manipulate electricity. These kids can shoot powerful bursts of electricity at their enemies with the use of a conductive material (usually metal like a sword). This power is EXTREMELY draining and may leave you with lightheartedness or a nosebleed depending on the strength and use of this power.
**Unaccepted godly parents include (but are not limited to): Eros, primordial deities, Titans, Roman counterparts, Dike, Dolos, Eris

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