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» The Membergroups
 Posted: Oct 17 2013, 09:44 PM
cora • 186
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Here you can find a brief description of the member groups we offer on Rising Tides. You can find a more detailed outline of demigod abilities within the Powers and Abilities thread.
The children of the goddess of love, beauty and desire. The children of Aphrodite are known to be able to change their own appearance and clothing instantly. They are incredibly charismatic and very particular about their own looks.
Apollo, being the god of music, has very talented children. They are also skilled archers, much like their father, and are able to heal their comrades (to some extent) by singing to their father in ancient Greek.
The god of war's children take from their father in their violent tendencies. These campers are experts at using any kind of weapon and have even been known to curse the weapons of their opponents. They have enhanced strength, swiftness and combative skill. Do not mistake this for meaning that they are horrid demigods, because there are many children of Ares who have kind souls -- there are just quite a few more who will kick you in the shins and take your lunch money.
As Artemis does not have children of her own, the Hunters of Artemis are female-only humans, demigods, and nymphs who have sworn an oath to the virgin goddess of the hunt to reject men for as long as they should live. For their loyalty, the hunters are awarded enhanced strength, agility, speed, precision and most importantly, immortality. It is said that their skills surpass that of an average demigod.
The children of this goddess make for fantastic strategists. They are skilled in combat (hand to hand specifically) and strategy and have some of the brightest minds to ever set foot on camp soil. They are some of the wisest around.
Children of Demeter posses green thumbs. They can manipulate growth and identify any type of plant known to man. They also make amazing cooks. You will never find a more loyal friend then a child of this goddess.
Having their father working in the camp has its ups and downs. Mr. D's demigod offspring are always the life of the party. They are generally more sociable and tend to know everyone (or everyone worth knowing), as they are the masters of social gatherings.
Children of Hades tend to be darker in nature, but who can blame them with their father being the lord of the dead? They're a solitary bunch, but that doesn't mean that they can't make friends. Most of the time they just prefer to be on their own.
These campers are expert builders. They often spend hours in the forge. They are a hardworking bunch, evident by their worn hands. If you ever get a dent in your sword, these are the kids for you.
The general rule of thumb is to never trust a child of Hermes. Masters of thievery and deception, these campers are almost always to blame for pranks and missing items.
Children of Poseidon love the water. They are generally a brave and self-sacrificing bunch. Their father is much more involved with his children than some of the other gods, aiding them when they call upon him. Of course, he knows when to step in and when his children are able to sort our their own problems.
The demigod offspring of Zeus are natural born leaders. They are able to motivate groups of people almost effortlessly and find themselves drawn to more powerful positions. They are never the followers.
This membergroup is for the children of other minor gods not previously listed. From Nemesis to Hebe, you'll always find a new face among this group. Please note that we do not accept every minor god, so if you are ever unsure of a godly parent please ask an admin. A list of currently denied characters can be found at the bottom of the abilities thread (underneath Zeus' abilities). This list is constantly being updated and added to. Just because you don't see a god there doesn't give it the green light. Please ask for clarifications from an Admin.
Gods and Goddesses of Olympus are sorted into this group. If you are interested in playing a god, please take a look at our canon list.
Whether you have cloven hoofs or you live in a tree, you'll find your place among the mythical creatures. At this time, the only accepted creatures are satyrs, nymphs and centaurs.

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