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» Extras Set-Up
 Posted: Oct 22 2013, 08:24 PM
cora • 186
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Character extras
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So, we all love character extras. What's that? You don't know what it is? You're kidding. So, say you have two characters that you think you be a fun match up for whatever the reason. You can have threads under your forum for the two of them to interact, or one shots for your character altogether. You can put things like playlists, journals or love letters here, too! Get creative, go crazy. It's your own personal space.

If you want to have a subforum for yourself, use the form below or just post below (although it might make us happier if you used the form). Please be aware, however, that we don't want a bunch of subforums with nothing in them, so make sure that you use it if you take it.

I, [b]Alias[/b], do hereby request a subforum on this lovely site. It is my hope that you, the amazing staff, would be ever so courteous as to granting my request. If not, I hope that you are hugged to death by a viciously adorable kraken.

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