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 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 05:24 PM
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Oh no! Did you make a post in the wrong forum? Did your thread partner go M.I.A and get archived in the check? Fear not! Thread moderation is the place for you.

Now, naturally the staff can't keep track of all the threads all the time (despite how amazing we are), so to make things easier on everyone we've made this thread. If you have a thread that is dead, completed or simply posted in the wrong board tell us here and we'll archive or even move it for you. Please post a link to the thread and tell us why it needs to be archived! If you posted something in the wrong place and want it moved to the correct forum, please let us know where you want it moved to and include a link to that thread!

Similarly, if you have a thread you want unarchived, we can do that for you too! Just link us to the thread and let us know where it's supposed to go!

Your staff.
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