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» PHILLIPS, adelaide anna, hephaestus | m. mitchell | finley
adelaide phillips
 Posted: Jul 22 2014, 11:47 PM
finley • 8
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adelaide anna phillips
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Beatrice Phillips could never really understand why such a hard-working, attractive man like Chandler Marks would ever give her the time of day. He was beyond her, way beyond; Chandler was smart but reclusive. She found him to be extremely attractive, though burns scarred his hands and he walked with a limp. In her eyes, he was amazing in everything he did, and he could obviously have any woman he wanted; she was a tired-out waitress who had a run-down life, drove run-down car, lived in a run-down apartment, and couldn't even be bothered to comb her hair at times. Chandler wasn't in much better shape, if truth be told, but to Beatrice, he was absolutely godly. Even if she could never quite believe the possibility of he and she being a them, it didn't stop her from pursuing the mysterious, coarse man with everything she had.

Beatrice had expected the obvious - embarrassment, humiliation, refusal, and above all, rejection. She was surprised, however, when Chandler returned her own interest. The two got along quite well, and she spent months fawning and swooning over the dark-haired beauty. It was quite an awkward relationship, but it worked; he wasn't used to being fawned over, and she wasn't used to doing the fawning. Every now and then, Chandler would disappear for short periods of time. He told Beatrice that he worked somewhere important and his boss was constantly pulling him back to work. She believed him. There was no reason to believe he wasn't who he was saying he was, after all.

For weeks, Chandler and she had spent much of their time together. He came by often though he didn't stay for long, and in just a short period of time, Beatrice was wholly convinced that it was love. She didn't have much experience in that department, but she was sure it must be what love felt like. After a month or so, they were seeing each other regularly. On one of the nights that he was supposed to come over, Bea was particularly excited. She went to lengths to look pretty that she would usually never go to. However, when the time rolled around, he didn't come to pick her up like he had said he would. She called him. No answer. Texted him. Nothing. .

The night went on, and she still didn't hear anything from him. The next day, she tried calling again. The next day, she did it again. It went on for a week before she simply gave up. Nearly four weeks later, Beatrice learned she was pregnant. Her rough-and-tumble "prince" with the calloused hands and lopsided smile was nowhere to be found.

When Adelaide Anna Phillips was fourteen, she met her father for the first time. There was a hard knock on the same apartment door that her mother had been living in for years. She answered it, and she was greeted by a tall man in dirty clothes. He leaned on a cane and spoke quietly and reluctantly. Her mother came up behind her looking as if she'd just seen a ghost. Beatrice urged her to go to her room while the man and she stayed a the door and talked.

Nearly an hour later, her mom came into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. She hesitantly explained that the man was her father. It took awhile for Adelaide to take in that information, and on top of it, her mother delved right into another line of shocking news. She started speaking quickly, like she always did when she was nervous. She rattled on about Greek gods and goddesses, and Hephaestus, and a camp. When she realized that her daughter wasn't understanding a word she was saying, she simply told her to pack her bags and get ready.

Soon they were driving down a dirt road towards some camp. Her mother tried again to explain what was going on, but she faltered and stuck to saying silent the whole ride. It took a couple of hours to get where they were going, and Adelaide wasn't too excited about getting there. Beatrice urged her daughter to go across the border, where a camper would greet her. She promised that she'd pick her up soon, and that it was for her own good. She promised that the people on the other side would be able to explain better than she could. So Adelaide entered the camp, and never left.

maia mitchell • finley • est

 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 09:31 AM
mari • 41
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Nice job on Adelaide. I can't wait to see how she interacts with her brother.
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