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» CLIFTON, avery dominique, nemesis | t. farmiga | nikola
avery clifton
 Posted: Nov 24 2013, 09:14 PM
nikola • 4
16 • nemesis
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avery dominique clifton
child of nemesis • 16 • just avery
from the CHB files - interview with Avery Clifton, camper.
so what’s your name?
Avery Clifton.
just how old are you, and what grade are you in?
I’m sixteen. I was born in the middle of December, on the 19th. Right now, I would be in the tenth grade, but I just make do with the education I get here at camp now. It doesn’t really matter, anyways. School sucks; I’m not missing out on much.
just to make sure - male or female?
Are you kidding me? Do I look like a dude?
well, no.. i guess. but, uh, anyways- which way do you swing?
You mean do I dig boys or girls? Boys.
alright… so what are you into?
Lots of things, I guess. I like music a lot. And reading sometimes. My dad used to watch tons of movies, old black and white ones. Those are pretty cool.
and what aren’t you into?
People, definitely.. I mean, most of them are really stupid. Sure, every now and then there’s a tolerable one who isn’t so evil, so hateful. But those are few and far between. So yeah, people. I can’t stand them. Besides that, I’m not fond of dogs and clowns. They’re freaky.
what are you good at?
I dunno… I guess fighting. I’m not dumb, I know I pick a lot of fights with people, so I know I have to know how to finish those fights. Apart from that, I’m sort of smart. I won’t get into anything I can’t get out of.
what aren’t you so good at?
Tons of things. Talking to people, helping people, making friends… Most of it has to do with other people.
do you have any secrets?
Yeah, of course. Doesn’t mean I’m going to tell them to you.
fine… what about your parents?
My mother’s Nemesis. My father was a mortal - Jeremy Clifton. He was a mechanic, worked in a rusty little shop. He died a year ago.
and your mother? what does she do?
She’s the Greek goddess of revenge.. Part time bringer of balance, full time bitch.
... i heard some rumors once.
Yeah, there’s lots of those.
are any of them true?
It depends.
they were about your brother.. you did have one. and he was killed.
by your mother.
… Yeah.
what happened?
It doesn’t matter. He was on a quest, he made a deal with her… It doesn’t matter. I don’t have any brother anymore. Just get on with the interview… please.
okay… sorry. do you have any family pets?
I do. A little snake - she stays in my trunk most of the time. Her name’s Cleo.
that’s.. cute. uh, any other important relatives?
No, there’s nobody.
give me a brief outline of your past, please. just the basics.
Alright… Well. There’s not much to tell. I was born in New York, when my dad was around thirty-five. He already had a kid, my brother. He said our mother and he.. they were a one night stand. I was fine with that, really. It was just me, Adrian and him. But honestly, Adrian was a lot older than me, and he wasn’t always there. It was usually just me and my father. Even though we didn’t always get along, I was fine with him, and he was okay with me.. So I never really asked about my mum. Never really cared.

We lived in a little apartment. It was sort of cramped - he kept lots of books about cars laying around, and that was it up until the time he married my step-mother… He only knew her for a couple of months, I swear. She was terrible. She was almost as bad as Nemesis, actually. But anyways, they got married, and everything got worse… Amanda was a gold-digger. All she did was lay around on her butt and blow my dad’s small amount of money on tobacco and beer. After they got married, my dad and I fought a lot more often… He lost his temper more easily than usual, and things got a lot worse. He started drinking, I started skipping school, Amanda began disappearing every now and then…

Adrian came home in the middle of it, after one long summer. He was coming back for the school term, and it was just after a huge fight with our father. He got right into the middle of it, after seeing a bruise on my upper arm that had been an accident in the heat of the argument.. Adrian packed all of my stuff and his and took it right back out. Just as quickly as he had came home, he was gone again. I was in tow this time.

During the long drive in the taxi, I learned a lot. Turned out my mother wasn’t an intentional one-night stand… My dad had wanted to marry her, cold heart and all. He liked her because she was just as hostile and hateful as he was. But he didn’t get to, because she was something else entirely. After that, Adrian didn’t make much sense. He talked a lot about some weird things, like Greek gods and goddesses, myths and all that junk.. We drove for a long time while he spoke, until we got out of the cab and walked for awhile.

Just as we got to the top of a rocky, hilly road, a huge sign in awkward lettering rose out. Adrian told me about a camp. He said he’d been going to it, every summer, for years. Apparently it was for demigods… And he told me we were demigods.

The transition was hard, I guess, but it was so much better than living with our father.

Almost a year later, I think I was fourteen, my brother died, like you heard… It was on a quest. Nothing extraordinary. Couple of months later, I’d learned that Amanda had overdosed on drugs, which I didn’t really care about at the time. Another year later, I heard that my father had been killed. He’d been driving drunk and had rammed into a bus. There’s not much after that.

Like I said. There’s not much to tell.

Are we done here now?

taissa farmiga • nikola • central european

 Posted: Nov 24 2013, 09:21 PM
cora • 186
16 • administrator
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Nikola! I love Avery! Her spirit (or lack there of) is entertaining to say the least. I'm sure Nolan will be a persistent pain in her side. Congratulations on the die roll and welcome, again, to RT~
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