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» Revenge is a dish best served cold, Sitewide event || Open to all
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 09:01 PM
blitzy • 151
18 • N/A
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They say revenge is a dish best served cold. The Earth Goddess wasn't stupid. She wasn't impulsive. She had planned the downfall of her own husband milenia ago, and she had plotted with her daughter to spare that of her grandson. Both actions had been successful. And now, she was planning her revenge against those Gods she had helped to spare. She was patient. The best way to get revenge was to inflict it where it would sting the most. The most harm, the most destruction, the greatest pain.

Artemis was the one to thank for it. It was her who created the beast in the first place, back when Ancient Greece was still young. Scorned because a mere mortal forgot to honor her, she unleashed the beast against the city of Calydon. Hunters were brought in, among them the infamous Atalanta, the Huntress who was suckled by Artemis herself as a young girl. It was Atalanta who wounded the boar with one of her arrows, the first to draw blood. And though it was Meleager who managed to slay the Calydonian Boar, the pelt went to Atalanta for drawing the first blood.

Earth was Gaia's realm, she could manipulate it as she pleased. The tree that served as the barrier to the camp stood its constant, unrelenting watch, warding the Demigods inside its barriers against the monsters that otherwise would have destroyed them already. Thalia's Tree, as the Demigods had named it, was still a piece of the Earth, a part of Gaia's domain. So Gaia subdued it, forced it to sway to her will. The tree would serve Gaia. Slowly, Gaia tormented the tree, bringing down its defenses, forcing it to do her bidding. There was a reason the Hideout for those who swore their loyalty to Gaia was under the tree, it served to help manipulate the tree.

Finally, the deed was done.

Whatever magic was keeping the tree tied to the Gods was finally severed, and under the control of Gaia. Whatever monsters were kept out were of Gaia's choosing. What monsters were kept in were of Gaia's choosing. It was time to begin.

A voice would suddenly speak within Elias' head. Prepare yourself, Demigod It was the only warning he would have. What he did with it was of his own choice. A few minutes to react, three at the most, was the time Gaia left the young child of Aphrodite. Once those few minutes were up, he would be on the receiving end of Gaia's wrath, should he not use the minutes he had wisely.

The entrance of the large swine was silent. A slow gait at first, its nose in the air, tasting it. The scents were strong, but the boar knew just where he had to go to find what he wanted. A loud squeal pierced the air, though the music of the Demigods would drown it out. Foolish Demigods. They felt so protected within their barriers. The boar charged.

The boar was the size of a small horse, definitely a formidable opponent for the half gods. The bristles that covered the fine fur across its large body were like small needles, almost like a porcupine. Though they weren't meant to detach from the animal if they caught against something, they were capable of shredding skin. Another dangerous part of the boar was its hooves, capable of trampling the fallen to death, should they be unlucky enough to be caught under them.

But the most dangerous part of the boar by far were its tusks. Bent forward and razor sharp, they were definitely a weapon a Demigod did not want to find him or herself on the receiving end of the ivory weapons.

It was the tusks of the creature that announced its arrival to the camp as it charged into the pavillion, crashing through one of the many tables that lined the outsides of the gathering. Punch and snacks spilled onto the floor, a second later followed by the crashing sound of the table as it fell towards the floor. As the Calydonian Boar charged, the table went flying across the pavilion, stopping only when it slammed into another table on the other side of the room.

Demigods scattered, and all Hades broke loose as the room was filled with the screams and shouts of the demigods, along with the high pitched squeels of the boar.

The worst part about a boar crashing a party was that many a demigod didn't have their weapons on them. That was one of the differences between this Hunt and that of the Hunt back in Ancient Greece: then it was the Boar being the hunted. This time, the boar was the hunter, and it had a lot of prey to choose from.

The boar was only the beginning. Gaia's plan wasn't to destroy the camp by monsters. It was to take complete control of the pine tree that stood sentry over the camp. Once its will succumbed to that of Gaia's own, the safe haven for Demigods, the only one in existence, would turn against those it served to protect, and it would lock them out of their safe haven. The downfall of the Gods would start with the downfall of their offspring.

After all, revenge was a dish best served cold.
elias reynard
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 09:46 PM
soap • 129
17 • aprhodite
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it's dark inside
Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide
'Prepare yourself, Demigod'

The laughter died on Elias' lips as he heard the clear, rasping voice of the one person he least expected to hear that night. The party's liveliness started to slow down in his mind's eye as he stared over his glass at the distant trees. Over the large pillars of the Pavilion and past the glow of the enchanted lantern light, Elias knew that Gaia was there. She was forever watching, and how stupid was he to think that she wouldn't have been doing just the same on a night like this. Christmas of all times, of course...this was the perfect opportunity for her. He double-took at the cleverness of it all, how even himself did not see it coming. The attack, he predicted, that was about to unfold onto the unsuspecting campers and party-goers around him. He feigned boredom as he sipped from his cup, as if he hadn't heard the voice at all. But he did however, how could he not- he heard her enough in his dreams and nighmares to not be able to ignore her presence. He glanced at his wrist-watch. 11:55. He scoffed lightly. Of course. Midnight.

He didn't hesitate a moment longer. He sat down his cup and walked with a subtle-haste toward the few people in on Gaia's plot. "It's happening. 2 minutes. Go, now." Was all he said to alert them, Oakley and Nixie and the others in the small army of what was about to go down. Even he did not know entirely, but he knew that it was going to be something huge.

Breaking away from his conspirators, Elias walked briskly, but with feigned joyful greetings to the people he passed on his way to the back-exit of the Pavillion. He stopped briefly to check over his shoulder, scanning to see if anyone was paying him any mind. He glanced down at his watch again. 11:59.

Here it comes.


The loud blearing could be heard at a crescendo, the floor started to shake as Elias made his last disappearance of the night. He got out of the way of the light of the party in time to hear the crashing of the panelling to the dining area. He couldn't see what was happening, but he could hear everything as clear as he had heard Gaia's voice. "Holy shit." He muttered, slightly breathless as he quick-stepped it west to the armoury, selfishly saving himself and damn it if the others followed his orders. Being the leader of an army and the same self-centered Aphrodite he was were two different things. For now, Elias would make sure he was far away from whatever beast Gaia conjured for the entertainment. He got a head-start for the best weapons in the old shed but he cleverly picked one from the back-walls so that no one would suspect other-wise. He didn't figure they would anyway, given the new-found excitement at the party but he had to be careful. As he geared up in the lightest armour and bow-and-arrow, Elias changed his clothing to a dark hood and camouflaged pants. He then headed toward a secluded area in the woods beyond the shed, waiting for when the entirety of the camp was ablaze with the sounds of blood-shed and battle-cries. He knew this had been long-coming, but he must admit- Gaia was one hell of a goddess for pulling it this early on them. But this was how it was meant to be, he supposed. The first step to the gods' destruction was underway, and that meant breaching the camp's walls in whatever way that would bring the defences down. He only hoped no one he genuinely cared about, namely Adsila, were harmed. He prayed silently, if she were here, Adsila would hear him and find a place to hide. His heart raced at other thoughts however, of what was to come, and what it was Gaia wished of him to do. Would the camp be taken tonight? Or was this merely a test to see just how much the camp could withstand?

He held his breath as he waited. It was past 12 and all Hades was breaking loose.


giovanni valentini
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 09:53 PM
sean • 214
seventeen • hades
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Giovanni instinctively dove away from the flying tables as he grabbed the girl he was with, Hannah Vanstone if he was correct, and took refuge in the corner near the refreshment tables. He pulled at a fallen table and set it up as a shield of some sorts for the two of them before he watched the boar run around the place, trying to spear anything and everything in its path. He looked closely at it before cursing. He knew what kind of boar this was. From the unnatural size of it, as well as there were only a few boars in Greek Mythology, this was either the Calydonian Boar, or the Erymanthian. Both fiery monsters that took a huge hunting party or a hero such as Herakles to kill. But, why was a monster here, in the middle of the camp? In fact, how did it even break the defenses of the borders enough to let itself in.

Looking around, he immediately saw the boar run towards a small child, probably a new camper, and was about to spear him. He cursed loudly before grabbing a chair and throwing it at the boar. It work, but now, he was the target. The boar seemed angry and was charging towards his make shift fort with the girl he was just talking with a few moments ago. He watched the boar charge towards him and immediately grabbed the girl and dodged to the right. The boar seemed to not be able to fully control its mobility at high speeds so thankfully, they were safe for the moment.

"No weapons, damnit!" Giovanni spat as he looked towards the other demigods. No good. Some were in disarray, while the others were trying to form ranks. He immediately looked towards the girl he was with before saying, "Run towards the forming ranks and tell them to get ready. I'll try and garner its attention and herd it towards them for the kill." Without even waiting for her reply, he took a broken piece of chair and used the seat as a shield, while breaking off the stands as a short-sword of some sort. He needed to at least herd this boar towards the ready campers, and take its attention away from the younger campers. This way, the injured would be minimal in number, and hopefully, the gathering campers would be able to subdue it. Hopefully.

dakota witlocke
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 10:34 PM
blitzy • 42
17 • Zeus
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The winds are getting stronger and the sky is falling through
It was a good thing Dakota kept herself limited on the spiked punch. A loud squeal rang throughout the pavilion and not a second later the boar busted through one of the tables. Of course, Dakota was in the direct path of the table. It was a good thing she was a daughter of Zeus, or she would have been killed. There wasn't enough time to get out of the path of the table, so she ducked, and used the manipulation she had of the wind to keep it from crushing her. It was just enough. She rolled onto her side, looking for the boar. It had barely missed her, though she felt the bristles against her left arm. A hiss of pain left the female as she forced herself to her feet, always on the boar.

The first thought that entered Dakota's mind was getting to the stables and getting a pegasus. She knew how to herd, she grew up on a ranch for Gods' sake! She could herd it away from the gathering of Demigods. But... then what? No, it was too risky a plan. There was no telling how many Demigods would be injured in the time it took for Dakota to get to the barn, saddle one of the creatures, get back here, and manage to herd the beast away. No, it was too risky.

Some of the Demigods were already forming ranks. Giovanni was distracting the boar, and it was going after him. Was that a... chair he was using? That wouldn't do any good! Gods, the boy was gonna get himself killed. Like many of the other campers, she too didn't have a weapon. "Git back, all ya'll!" That warning was the only one they were going to get. Usually people listened to the commands of the girl, it was one of the perks of being a child of Zeus usually had. It was almost like charmspeak, only a weaker version of it. Commands issued by a child of the God of Gods were usually obeyed without question. The boar had its back to her. This was good. Her hand went towards the air. She never quite liked summoning the lightning with her bare hands, it usually left one hell of a burn, but there was no time to question it. She would just have to make it a significantly weaker voltage.

So she did. Lightning crackled through the air, and Dakota used her own hand as its anchor. It shot towards the boar. The swine left out a bellowing squeal of pain, its beady black eyes turned towards Dakota before it charged. Her hand burnt, she wouldn't risk summoning another thing of lightning. It would be too dangerous. The attack had only seemed to agitate it. This was not good.

Its speed was its great, but the floor was slippery, even for it. Dakota stood just behind a puddle of the spilled punch, and the boar's path was directly through it. The target for the creature was clear: Dakota. So the girl knelt. Her eyes turned towards the ranks slowly forming towards the side. The campers were screaming, but Dakota didn't pay the noise much attention. She only cared for where they were, and keeping the boar away from them.

It was closing in on her. Its front hoof hit the puddle. Dakota jumped towards the side, barely dodging the spikes, even as the boar turned its head to try and maul her. Its hooves lost their traction against the spilled punch, and it collided with a table. The center of the pavilion was empty of campers. Her hand shot towards the place where the two tables had collided with each other earlier, and she used her manipulation of the wind to send them flying towards the boar.

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And you ain't got much longer till the rage rips off the roof
hannah vanstone
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 10:50 PM
cora • 40
seventeen • khione
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everyone | what an exciting night... | ###

The last thing on anyone's mind during such a festive time was danger. Maybe that's what made this attack so utterly frightening. Hannah had never faced a monster-- not like this. Nothing ever got in-- not unless someone let it was a cruel joke. But this? This was far beyond any joke she could imagine. This was practically genocide! Hannah took an instinctive step back as her eyes widened. Everyone was running, screaming, crying or a bit of all three. It was chaos. Complete and utter chaos. No one had any weapons! Gods, they were all going to be slaughtered! The beast tore through the crowds and flips tables like they were nothing. This many bodies in such an enclosed space was almost too good to be true, should anyone want to maim a bunch of unsuspecting demigods.

While she'd distracted herself, she felt an arm around her as Giovanni pulled the two of the out of the way of a flying table. She stared at the shattered remains of the once lovely wooden frame and turned to him. "Thanks..." Was all she could manage to get out. The wheels were turning. Left and right she could see demigods being hurled into the skies as the bore made it's rampage. The table Gio secured wasn't much, but it was enough for the few moments they had to get themselves organised. While Hannah seemed all too focused on the injured, it seemed Giovanni had already formulated a plan of his own and was already orchestrating the boar's demise. He was giving her orders and, before she had time to reply, he was already gathering his makeshift supplies and heading off. "Be careful." Not even the gods could save them now.

Hannah watched the boar avert it's attention and swiftly hopped up over the overturned table. She ran faster than she knew possible, dodging through the sea of confused and frightened campers. She reached the swarming campers, most of who were trying to talk over each other. "Hey. Hey!" She shouted, pointing over to Gio, whom she was certain was about to get himself killed. Her instructions were swift and she could only hope they understood her because gods knew she barely understood it herself. It was all she could do, though. The fair haired girl turned her back to them and scanned the scene. She needed to get the injured out of the way before that... thing tramped the all to death. Let the better equipped worry about the fighting. She might not have been the strongest camper out there, but she wasn't going to let herself be completely useless.

She looked over her shoulder trying to make a count of any already wounded campers. She could try to get them out of the way, maybe find somewhere safe to lie them down? Behind the bleachers? No... What about... Gods! What were they going to do? One by one, Hannah weaved about, linking her arms under the shoulders of the fallen and dragging them around the side of the bleachers where she hoped they would be safe enough. She overturned a few tables to shield them from flying debris, but that was about all she could do. She began making splits out of broken chairs and casting ice on wounds when it was needed. One boy who looked to be able twelve years old, took her hand as she worked on his leg. It was bad. very bad. She didn't have any ambrosia for him, and she definitely wasn't going to make him a booze-sicle. He was twelve, for gods sake! "Hey, hey. Don't cry, alright? Look at me. Just keep looking at me. You're going to be fine, got it? Just fine. Who's your parent, huh?" "A-Apollo." He answered. "So you like music? Would you sing something for me?" She had to get his mind of it. She'd torn his pants from the knee down on his left leg and began to tie it around his wound to put pressure on it. Then, she supposed, she would try to freeze the fabric just a little bit to try to relieve him of some of the pain. She stuck her head up above the barricade for a moment to look for anyone, anyone at all, that she could get to help her. The wounded just kept coming in to her little makeshift infirmary. They were trapped, really. There was no way she could move all these people again without help. Some of them could walk if they needed to, but others needed help. All she had in terms of weapons anyways was the damned ladle from the punch that the boar had flung her way. She definitely wasn't going to be killing anyone with an oversized spoon.


The boar came without warning. Everything she'd known to be true about the safety of the camp was thrown to the wind. The safe haven for the god's mortal children had been infiltrated.

And everyone was about to die.

Once the fighting start, the instincts of Athena kicked in. Cass was in battle mode. She grabbed whoever she could, forming a small group of ragtag individuals to run like hell to figure out what the hell they were going to do. A couple of Ares kids started assigning ranks, but Cass didn't have the time to put up a fight with the blokes at this point. "Look, we need a plan and we need one now. I don't care who comes up with it--" And it seemed that as she said that a fair-haired young woman she didn't recognize came running over, commanding their attention. When she said anyone, this wasn't what she had in mind. She wasn't against it, She would take whatever she could get. "How does no one have a weapon? Can we make something? Anything? Where's the Heph kids? Get them scavenging with the Hermes campers. Find whatever you can. Make whatever you can and try not to die, okay?" She grumbled, extending her hand and willing the broken leg of a table to fly to her. They had to made do with what they could until someone could figure out how to make something that wasn't completely useless. Bows out of forks and threads, sharpened speaks make of chairs. Anything. Anything at all. She wished her mother could have given her some nifty powers. What she wouldn't give to be able to blast the damn thing with fire-- that wouldn't work either, would it? Damn!


You know, Maya's idea of 'fun' wasn't being slaughtered by a boar. When they told her the party would be fun, she should have asked for a clarification on what type of 'fun' they meant because, quite frankly, this was no fun at all. She dodged a few stray chairs and groaned as something sharp clipped her arm just enough to draw blood. It was nothing bad. It was a paper cut in comparison to the carnage she could see around her. Maya watched as the boar tossed another poor child into the air. Her arm shot out towards them, generating winds strong enough to catch them in the air and lower them back onto their feet. They looked a little winded, but she was sure it was nothing compared to what could have befell them if she hadn't caught them. Slamming into the bleachers did not look like a fun time for anyone involved.

Maya had begun simply catching flying demigods and shield people from debris. She wasn't much of a fighter yet, but she could block the hell out of a few tables. She was alright playing offense. Sure, she had to keep running around to make sure she didn't end up a sitting duck, but it wasn't so bad.A blinding flash of lighting was the only thing to distract her from her self-appointed duty. "Dakota..." She murmured, eyes scanning the crowds in a desperate attempt to find her half-sister. She may have never given the poor girl the time of day, but she would be damned if she lost another sibling, full or otherwise. This was exactly what she was trying to protect herself from. It would seem the universe just couldn't give her a break.

Spotting her a ways off, Maya ran to Dakota's side and bit her lip. "You look like you could use a hand, sis."

the cold never bothered me anyway

damon reese
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 04:58 AM
creed • 139
19 • ares
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TAG: --
Parties. Yeah. Totally a great idea. The place was filled with couples, drunk half-bloods and it was really just not the type of place that Damon thought he would ever decided to willingly go. Yet, here he was. He had spoken to some of the other demi-gods he knew, frightened some of them away no doubt, and attempted to flirt with some ladies who had denied his existence. Oh yes, it was a great party. And that was all before the crazy boar arrived.

The thing was huge. Damon actually didn't see it till after it sent a table hurling in his direction. "Move!" he yelled to the half-bloods around him. Panic filled the area almost instantly. He crouched down behind some tables and watched incredulously as a chair was thrown towards the boar. Damon spotted Giovanni not far away. Did that son of Hades have a death wish or something? Likely, but right now Gio wasn't Damon's main concern.

Trying to get some order going on, the son of Ares attempted to group a few of the campers into some kind of attack formation but it was almost useless. None of them had any weapons and sheer panic pretty much did enough damage for them. "What I would give for a sword right now," he muttered before another familiar voice peeled through the chaos.

"Gods Dakota, what in Hades are you doing?" he yelled to the daughter of Zeus.The lightning she'd used to attack the boar only seemed to make it angrier. Damon wanted to go over to her but she was too far away, plus he had to help those other campers first - the ones who were cowering with no clue what to do next. "Move the injured to shelter," he said to one of the campers from the Apollo cabin. The sound of more flying debris probably muffled his words but he couldn't stop to chat. They needed to slow the thing down - now.

He saw Castiel from Athena now far away and he quickly moved over towards her. "Tell me you wise people have a plan," he grimaced. "Because right now we are sitting ducks!" Ducks and pork. Well, that was ironic.

Damon hated not having a weapon. He looked around, trying to find anything he could use. "Gods this better work," he grunted as he scooted quickly away from Cas to go grab a wooden broom he had spotted laying on the floor. Scooping it up in hand, the son of Ares snapped it on his leg in one fluid movement. He now had something that only a little be more useful then a spoon, but still half as useless as a spear. Great.

atalanta kotsios
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 10:44 AM
mari • 63
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approach with caution,

Atalanta still could not believe that she was here at a party of all things. This was far from being her cup of tea and as the music blared and she watched couples falling all over each other she rolled her eyes. Didn't these girls know that their male counterparts only wanted one thing, and one thing alone from them? They didn't care about the females in camp as anything more then a trophy to be claimed and while Lana wanted to go down and smack some sense into every last one of the girls she knew better. Not only would the hunter's not be welcomed back at camp if they went around smacking their female half siblings around, but Artemis more then likely wouldn't approve and the goddess was the last person that Atalanta wanted to upset. Hearing the sound of the hoofs pounding against the ground and turned only a split second before the boar came crashing through the party. Atalanta eyes widened for a split second as she watched the boar tear through not only campers, but one of her own sister's had been in the path of the rampaging animal. With her attention on her sister, Lana watched as she slowly got to her feet but it was clear this particular hunter wasn't going to be of any use that night. Eyes narrowing as her attention focused back on the boar and only the boar, Lana watched as one camper through what appeared to be a chair. Did he have a death wish? The next thing Lana saw a streak of lightening flying through the sky and hitting the boar square on it's side. Shaking her head Lana knew these campers were doing nothing more then agitating the beast and as she looked back around the party she could see her sister's standing on the outskirts of party watching her. She had no idea how it had gotten through the defenses and into the camp but by the gods it was not about to leave it. Lana may not have been ready for a party, but she was always ready for a hunt!

Bringing her hand up, made a quick circle over her head and watched as all but her injured sisters quickly fell into formation around the beast. The wide circle still gave the beast room to move as the hunters all waited for Atalanta's next command. With a shrill whistle, Atalanta watched as her sister's all braced themselves only moments before the ground beneath them began to tremble and shake. Of course more then a few campers were knocked off their feet but the rumbling of the ground had it's intended effect. The boar was knocked off it's feet and over on to it's side. As the boar fell, Atalanta as well as her sisters all pulled out their bows and before the beast had hit the ground arrows were flying through the air. Lana had of course knocked out two shots in the time it had taken her sister's to get off one and as her sister's arrows embedded themselves in the skin of the boar causing it to cry out in pain, it's loudest squeal sounded as Atalanta's two arrows embedded themselves in it's eyes.

"Advantage us. You can't attack what you can't see you bastard!" Atalanta muttered under her breath as she quickly and gracefully descended the stairs to stand on the battlefield along with her sister.

"Get Calliope to safety then hurry back." Lana said to her nearest sister then watched as she rushed to aide the hunter that had been knocked down by the boars initial attack. With the boar squealing and just thrashing it's head about, Lana looked around at the other demigods, one of which was holding........a broom? What in the name of tartarus were they teaching these campers? With her attention back on the boar she called out to all the campers: "This guy won't stay down long. I suggest you get the wounded out of here and come back with something more then a couple sticks."

Atalanta was many things but a fool was not one of them. She knew the boar was on the defensive for the moment. It couldn't see which meant it couldn't attack and that bought them time to get those that had been injured out of the way. However the boar would not stay on the defensive for long and soon enough it would be attacking blindly. Lana would prefer that all the injured be out of the way by that time and maybe, just maybe a few of these campers might prove themselves to be useful.

tag everybody. atalantais wearing this. template credit goes to tillie at caution and sds.

Campbell Sinclair
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 11:46 AM
Brent • 80
19 • Ares
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It was at this time that a spear came flying directly at the side of the beast with fantastic impact. Whether or not it did anything to the creature was irrelevant at the moment it was more a distraction tactic used to throw the monster off balance. All of the sudden Campbell came running up out of the darkness. He would've been dressed like the average teenager Red T-shirt, black jeans and black boots. Although the bronze chest plate across his torso made the normal thing fall by the way side. His arm held a decent shield and in the other he swung and nasty looking flail and brought that sucker right up into the face of the momentarily blinded creature. Campbell put himself between the other campers and the creature. What anyone with eyes would've noticed is that he was drenched in sweat and not from heat. On his trip to the armory to grab a weapon when he heard all the shouting and noise and the not to subtle bolt of lightening, Campbell decided he needed to be prepared but so did whoever was at the social function.

Strapped to his back barley being contained by some leather cord was a random assortment of weapons, Not to much but a dam site more then anything around at the moment. He'd managed to carry swords, two spears, a bow and a quiver, and some random other such stuff. His legs would've buckled under the weight if he hadn't been a stronger demigod on top of the fact that his heart was coursing adrenaline through his body. He shouted to anyone not daring to take his eyes off the beast. SOMEBODY GET THESE DAM WEAPONS OFF OF ME!

The monster was at his 12 he was the wall between everyone else at the moment. He squared his shoulders and bent his legs ready for action. Hello beasty
lorelei reischer
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 12:39 PM
Sandy • 37
16 • Aphrodite
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"I'm at your six." Lorelei said in a voice filled with more confidence than anyone around camp had ever heard her use before. Apparently when they were under attack her stage persona took over. Maybe it was the adrenaline. Whatever reason, she'd figure it out later.

Swiftly, and with an unnatural grace, Lori slipped a bronze dagger from Campbell's back and cut the leather strap holding the weapons. Before the pile of bronze could clatter to the floor, she scooped her free arm around them and hauled the lot back away from the child of Ares and his fight with the boar. Keeping a slender scimitar for herself in case it was needed, Lori began to make her way through those fighting and those arriving , making sure each and every demigod was armed. They might not be the ideal weapons for each fighter, but at least the campers would be able to defend themselves with something other than ingenuity and improvisation.

"Damon, on your three!" Lori said as she passed by Damon's right side and shoved the hilt of a sword into his hand. She slid a shield on his other arm as she dashed to the next fighter.

"Giovanni! Arms to your right!" Lori called, repeating the same process she had done with Damon now with Giovanni. Half the campers she was arming and calling by name had never heard the German ballerina speak let alone actually see her take action. Well, Damon had seen her fight before in the arena but the others might not. Lori jumped softly over the hilt of a spear she handed to another Ares kid.

Down through the crowd of campers she passed, arming each, then made her way back to avoid the boar. Lori was a decent swordfighter, but her specialty was finesse not strength. The boar was not something you wore down by bleeding it slowly and unexpectedly-- you were better off hacking at it's head instead of slicing and dicing it up. She was better off in the assist this fight, not the front lines.

Anxiously her eyes scanned the campers, looking for her brothers and sisters to make sure everyone was accounted for.

And of course someone was not.

"Elias!" Lori called, softer so as not to distract those handling the boar. She only prayed her big brother had taken to high ground when the boar appeared. Worry was etched around the corners of her celery colored eyes.


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jaslyn blackbourne
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 02:07 PM
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more then just a pretty face,

"I still don't know why he bothered showing up. It's not as if he was invited." Jaslyn muttered to herself as she stood off to the side and watched the other campers having a good time. A slight smile graced her lips but if she was honest her festive mood had been squashed by the big man himself. Oh sure it had been a while since Zeus had left the party but his buzz kill had already worked it's magic on the daughter of Aphrodite. Jaslyn's spirit had been up and energized before the gods arrival but their attitudes had caused all the happiness to be drained out of her. So ever since her meeting with them her mood had just turned south but she refused to ruin everybody else's night.

Of course a hostess couldn't possibly leave her own party so Jaslyn had stuck it out and placed a fake smile on her face as she'd interacted with other guests. Now however she just wanted some time to herself to try and release the agitation she felt at Zeus and his attitude toward her younger sister. The king of gods demanded respect but never gave any in return so Jaslyn would be damned if she was going to be sending any more prayers or offerings his way any time soon.

Hearing a crash behind her, Jaslyn didn't even have time to turn around before something big and hard slammed into her from behind. Crying out as a stabbing pain radiated from her right calf through her body, Jaslyn felt whatever it was against her back shift up and suddenly she was flying through the air and came crashing down through a table to her right.

Dazed and confused, Jaslyn managed to sit up before crying out in pain again and looking down at her right leg. Her pants were now covered in her blood and it seemed as if more and more of her blood was pouring out each second. Reaching down Jaslyn wrapped her hands around her calf and winced as she felt the large wound that was now on her right calf. Looking up she saw the boar that was running through the amphitheater knocking other campers around like rag dolls. Confusion was way to describe what was going on and the next thing she knew Jaslyn was watching some of the campers trying to attack with whatever they had around them. Giovanni had a broken chair in his hand and Damon had a broom. Dakota hit the beast with a bolt of lightening and everybody else just seemed to be running.

The next thing Jaslyn knew a high pitched whistle rang through the air and a few seconds later the ground beneath her began to quake. Eyes widening, Jaslyn extended her blood covered hands to keep other campers from falling on to her and once the ground was stable again she got to her feet in an effort to get away herself. However her right leg was not about to support her weight and before she had even put her full body weight on it her leg collapsed underneath her and she found herself back on the ground. Deciding she really had no option but to crawl, Jaslyn got on all fours and ignored the pain that lacerated her body because of the wound. Crawling as quickly as she could, Jaslyn made her way to the bleachers hoping that higher ground would keep her safer. If this was Zeus's form of retaliation against the demigods because he hadn't been properly addressed Jas was going to have some choice words for him the next time she saw him.

tag open. jaslyn is wearing this. template credit goes to tillie at caution and sds.

adsila netherwood
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you got something i need
in this world full of people there's one killing me and if we only die once i wanna die with you. you got something i need, in this world full of people there's one killing me, and if we only die once i wanna die with you. if we only die once i wanna die with you, if we only live once i wanna live with you.

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Adsila had just been getting ready to sit when she heard the screams coming from campers. She was baffled had a fight broken out or something ? She didn`t have to look hard to see the giant creature stumbling around the children. She`d never seen any creature this big and for once the girl did not have her dagger on hand. Not many campers carried weapons when they were not needed and here and now they probably wished they did. The daughter of Persephone was not a fighter, she was more of a passive lover type deal. It also didn`t help that she wasn`t to graceful with a weapon, her first though was Elias. He would worry about her but she couldn`t really jump in front of the bull to get to him. Ads was anything but a fighter on better days but maybe this would be the part where she learned on the go? She watched Dakota shoot lightning at the bull and flinched then turned to see some wounded campers on the ground. She was a better healing help then a target so she decided to do what she did best. Blood made her a bit sick but she had to tough it out other wise what kind of demi god would she be? She moved to a small bunch of kids as the ground started to shake, she stumbled slightly and held onto a few younger campers making sure they wouldn`t go anywhere. Her heart racing.

She looked around at the campers scattering around, she couldn`t see anyone she knew it was all going by in a flash. She knew that the bull would cause more damage the longer it stood about so she quickly got to her feet moving some of the campers away from their spot pointing then in the direction and telling them to go grab weapons. She was so flustered and everything was becoming more dangerous as time passed, she could feel anger growing and she decided to move once more to help more people in need. She noticed a white haired girl from her cabin, hannah. She moved over towards her slowly not trying to expose herself to much. "Are you hurt?" she looked upset for a moment then put on a smile for the little kid Hannah had been working on. She looked up and past Hannah towards the bull making sure they`d have enough time to react encase it decided to take a turn. She looked to Hannah once more and spoke softly, What can I do to help? Ads was just going with the motions, she knew nothing good could come from this.

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Rosalie McDonald
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'Cause this is torturous electricity
Rosalie had no clue on why she even came to this party. It was the same thing every year, desperate girls sulking over Aphrodite guys, people making out behind the building, spiked punch, and annoying music. She liked coming for one reason though, watching people make fools out of themselves. She rolled her eyes, and laughed as she watched a bunch of girls doing what they called 'booty popping' and they failed horribly. With her feet propped up the table, her laid back comfortably with a big bowl of popcorn perched in her lap she was quite comfy, and that was when a little boy no older than eleven tapped her shoulder. Rosie took a quick glance at the boy, she could tell he was shy. Raising her eyebrow, she smirked. "Lemme guess, you want me to slow dance with you?" She watched as the boy nodded shyly and she laughed. She got up and set the bowl of popcorn on the table and took his small hand in her own. "Sure kid, might as well have a little fun." She offered the young boy a soft and genuine smile. After about ten minutes of dancing, she felt the ground start to shake. Cocking an eyebrow she looked around quickly, everyone acted as if they felt nothing, but Rosie just knew something didn't feel right. Kneeling down, she looked the small boy in the eyes, then grabbed his hand and pulled him to small table she was just sitting at and reached down and shuffled through her bag. "Shit, shit, shit." Getting irritated with the bag, she dumped all the contents onto the floor and shoved a small bronze dagger into the boy's chest. "I have this bad feeling something's gonna happen, if it does only use that if you need to, don't try and kill ANYTHING, wound it enough to weaken or distract it, then run. Run as fast as your little damn legs will carry you, go into a spot secluded with trees, then if you're safe, find water and help will be there. " As soon as she finshed her words that's when everything erupted into pure chaos. A boar, the largest thing Rosie had ever seen in her life, was standing right over them. "SHIT!" She screamed. Scooping up the small boy in her arms, she took a run for the forest.

Setting the boy down she looked at him. "Look, we don't have much time. Let me get my stuff and I'll make sure you're safe." The boy looked at the dagger and began to cry. Frowning, Rosie got on her knees and put her hand on his shoulder, and another tilting up his chin to look at her. "Look little man, I give you my word that you'll be okay. There's no need to cry. You know, my mom's kind of a warrior goddess and I get this trait from her and I know a good solider when I see one." She pulled him into her arms. She knew what it was like to be afraid, to be scared but expected of so much at such a young age. That's how her whole childhood was like. Rosie pulled away from him and kissed his forehead. "No matter what happens, I wanna see you be brave." She said with a smirk and held out her fist so he could give her a fist pump. Rosie grabbed his hand and pulled him through the thick bushes and branches, and there laid a supply of her weapons. Making this as quick as possible, she quickly strapped on her belt, tucking in two daggers on each side, and tucking her sword in it's pocket. She grabbed one of her fingerless gloves and strapped it on her hand, then handed the boy the other one. "This means we're a team." She gave him a small smile and took his hand and ran to through the thick woods, back in to the complete and utter chaos.

It was like all Hades finally broke lose. There was a thick smoke, as some of the buildings were on fire, campers laid injured left and right, objects and boulders smashed everywhere, but Rosie made sure not to take it all in, that acted as a weakness, and she had no time for that. To save time, she picked the boy up and began to run towards the amptheatre, exactly where the boar was going. "W-why are we going towards it?" He shrieked. She laughed. "Wanna know why? Because this our home, we gotta protect it, first step in being a solider, instaed of thinking, just act." She was careful not to hit anyone in the big crowd of people, but soon she found Giovanni and Dimitri. Setting down the boy carefully, she pointed towards them. "See those two, their the good guys, they'll protect you." Grabbing the hilt of her sword she walked over to Gio and Dimitri. "Okay ladies, we gotta plan here, or are we going to play hide in go seek with this damn thing?" Focusing her attention back on Dimtri she smirked and pinched his cheek. "Well if it isn't the chosen one?" S She laughed. "Keep in mind the next time I see you cuddling with a girl, I'll go up to you and say that you're a Slytherin, and you just 'slithered' in, and I'll tell the girl it's not to late be a Ravenclaw, and claw her way out." She laughed at her puns, trying to somewhat lighten the atmosphere a little more. Looking over at the boy, she saw he was trying to contain a fit of giggles. "Okay guys, really, I'm done, but seriously, I'm here to help. What's the plan?"
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robb stark
giovanni valentini
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 06:12 PM
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Giovanni ran as fast as his legs can carry when the boar started chasing after him. This was a mistake, but what could he do when a small child was in danger? He couldn't just let the child be kebabed when he could have done something. Well, that something now resulted to him being chased by the boar. He wanted to skewer it with his earth tendrils, but sadly, he couldn't risk it turning its attention to the innocent campers still running away from the battlegrounds. No, he can never endanger the innocents, the demigods that were too young to even fight. As long as he had an ounce of breath in him, he would not falter if it was to save someone he considered his family.

The son of Hades was shocked when he heard a loud thunder boom as the boar was hit by an arc of lightning. Great, reinforcements for him. The boar took a different direction and ran for Dakota, if his vision was still perfectly fine. He immediately looked around for a moment and saw that the other organizing campers were now forming lines, as well, a demigod had brought weapons. Good, at least now they would be armed. He scanned the battleground quickly before realizing that they were not prepared enough to deal with this challenge, not when almost everyone was in shock. The response time for the demigods were too slow. Too slow.

"Giovanni! Arms to your right!"

When Giovanni heard that, he immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed the hilt of the sword. He would thank the camper later for bringing in a sword for him, for now, he had more pressing matters. A sword would do no good, not in this situation. They needed a much better way to defeat this boar. Normal weapons won't beat it...wait.

"Giovanni, do you have any plans?"

Giovanni looked to his left and saw the son of Aeolus was there, holding in his arm his Rapier. He nodded grimly before looking around once more. He needed time if he wanted to enact his plan. He was sure that this would work, but only if the timing was right, as well as if the other campers listened to him. There was a fail-safe way to defeat this boar, but it will take allot out of him

"Okay guys, really, I'm done, but seriously, I'm here to help. What's the plan?"

Great...two more campers. he looked at Rosalie McDonald and nodded before saying, "I'm going to shadow travel us to the organizing campers, and i'll explain my plan there. Before they could say another word, Giovanni grabbed Dmitri by the arm, while pushing the two new arrivals towards an opening he summoned using his own shadow.

Not even waiting for the others to recover from the shock of shadow traveling, Giovanni immediately looked around and walked quickly towards the campers, "I have a plan to kill this...abomination. But I need all of you to give me sometime to prepare it." Giovanni quickly looked around them all, not waiting for anyone to even respond before continuing, "Hellfire. It can burn anything and everything in its path. But summoning one would take a toll on me, and would take a few moments. So, I need you all to distract it and try to herd it towards the middle of the Amphitheatre. I will start my chant as you guys do this, and hopefully, the boar would be there once I finish it." The son of Hades then looked around before asking "What say you?"


Dmitri watched the onslaught happening and immediately unsheathed his rapier. He had not attended the party for a reason, and that reason being he never really liked crowds. But right now, he was sure he was definitely the luckier one. He was walking around the Big House, hoping to look at the relics of the past quests once more when the uproar started. He watched as the Amphitheatre was charged by a boar. A giant boar, which he was sure was a monster. Realizing everyone was in danger, he quickly grabbed his rapier and ran outside the House. But before he could fully leave, he saw a white box on top of a shelf. First Aid. Yes, they definitely will need that. The Son of Aeolus ran and grabbed the thing before running quickly towards the party, hoping that he was not too late.

Using his wind powers to accelerate his speed, he got into the place and saw the mess. Definitely was lucky to not go this year. He worriedly glanced towards the side and saw some demigods rallying up, as well, hunters were gathering while Giovanni was herding it away. not even looking back, he ran towards the place where the wounded seemed to have gathered.

Arriving, he went to one of the demigods that seemed to be in charge before dropping the first aid kit in front of her, "Use this. Not even waiting for a reply, he immediately ran towards one of his friend, well more like sparring partner, Giovanni. He brandished the rapier he was holding before stopping beside the son of Hades, "Giovanni, do you have any plans?"

But before he could even reply, another demigod ran to us, this time, it was a girl and a little boy no more than eleven.

"Well if it isn't the chosen one? Keep in mind the next time I see you cuddling with a girl, I'll go up to you and say that you're a Slytherin, and you just 'slithered' in, and I'll tell the girl it's not to late be a Ravenclaw, and claw her way out."

Dmitri only nodded in return, not even in the mood to answer. This was no time for him to verbally spar with the daughter of Athena. Maybe later when this mess is all over, but not now. As Dmitri heard the explanation of Giovanni, he immediately felt himself being pulled into a shadow, and felt queasy. it only lasted for a second though before he dropped out of the shadow. He looked around, dazed, before stumbling after Giovanni. He needed to help, and if Giovanni had a plan, he was definitely going to hear it out right now.


Jean-Pierre was busy snogging one of the Aphrodite girls when he heard the commotion and panic. He was shocked to see a boar....A BOAR! That thought made him grab the girl before running towards where the demigods seemed to be congregating. He glanced towards the back and saw the son of Hades saving a child, Dakota firing the lightning, as well as other campers trying to keep it busy. Great, what a party crasher this one is. The son of Hermes ran with the girl, and dodged the projectiles that seemed to spray around everytime the boar crashed into a table. Being the son of Hermes gave him the power to be a great runner, and he definitely was very happy for that right now.

Arriving safely, he looked around and saw the development. The campers were slightly more organized, while some already had weapons. The, out of nowhere, Giovanni and some other campers appeared put of a shadow. The son of Hades seemed to be in a hurry, and so he followed him, leaving the Aphrodite girl in the safe hands of the perimeter the demigods had made.

"I have a plan to kill this...abomination. But I need all of you to give me sometime to prepare it. Hellfire. It can burn anything and everything in its path. But summoning one would take a toll on me, and would take a few moments. So, I need you all to distract it and try to herd it towards the middle of the Amphitheatre. I will start my chant as you guys do this, and hopefully, the boar would be there once I finish it."

That definitely was a plan that can work. Hellfire was known to burn anything, even the most resistant of armors. It was called Hellfire for a reason, and he was sure that the Boar's thick hide could not withstand it if hit with a concentrated amount. But would it work? It called for them giving the son of Hades time to summon the deadly weapon, which could potentially put them all in harm's way. But weren't they all in harm's way already?

alexander regal
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 08:04 PM
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Since the monster had attack he had been boxed into a alcove since the monster had been around where he was at. Knowing carrying his guitar around had its perks for the ladies. He was so grateful that he had thought to bring it with him. Opening the small piano he had stashed it in, Alex opened the piano and pulled out his quiver and looked at the his inventory. "Shit i have 5 experimental fire arrows, 4 shock arrows, and a arrow that turns into a boxing glove when fired. Welp that must be recon and recover some arrows already fired" Alex peeked out of the alcove just in time to see multiple arrows fly through out the air and even though some did his most of them landed tables, chairs and even some of the decorations. Alex slipped out and began grabbing any arrow he saw that he could salvage and use for the cause. While making his way around the back of the amphitheatre he handed back some of the arrows to other campers before he noticed Gio with a small group. Over hearing his plan he came up behind him after he saw him shadow travel. " Hey Gio, I have an idea if you and the rest of the campers want to hear it. It could work with your plan. I have Greek Fire Arrows. They are usually made to containment but I could use them to blow one of the three main arches in the center of the amphitheatre. Trap the beast under the rock and then you blow it away with the hellfire." Alex said as he covered his back. Although I would need another archer and the only one the could be competent enough to not misfire and take out half the camp was the leader of the Hunters. "Gio do whatever you have to I will be gathering some troops." Alex then ducked behind a column as arrows shot at his direction. Slipping behind a column by Lori, Alex called out to her, "Lori, I need you to gather the campers and try to push the beast to the central column in the amphitheatre. Could you do that for me? Me and Giovanni need all the support we can get."

Soon Alex passed all the campers and relayed his plan to each and every camper. Greek Fire and Hellfire. Jaslyn, Asdilla, Dmitri, Lori, Rosalie, Damon, Dakota, and Campbell each got the same message and if they listened to him then this could actually work. Alex finally caught up to the main hunter of Artemis, Lana. "On your sixth," Alex called out as he looked behind him as he took a shock arrow out and shot it at the beast which momentarily stunned it. "Look I know you hunter's your own plan but I would like your help with something. Your a competent archer and I could use your experience with this high risk arrows I have for emergencies. I need your help to collapse the central arch on the beast so Gio could use hellfire on it. If you could come with me and signal for your archers to push back the beast to the central arch it could give us some time to grab the wounded and give us time to get up high....." Alex trailed off as a stray arrow when near his head and he ducked and managed to swat it away with his bow, "I mean I don't know who else to ask here.... please..."

rumor has it
dakota witlocke
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Alright guys, so here's how the posting order is going to work. The posting order that has been set is how it's going to be. You have 24 hours to post, after which your turn is skipped and the next person in line will post. If you want multiple characters to participate in the event, make sure you post them all in one thread. For those of you who wish to join, feel free to jump in. You will be added to the posting order, and you'll be subject to the same rules.

The winds are getting stronger and the sky is falling through
A voice. It sounded familiar too, and when Dakota finally placed voice to face, well it wasn't who she was expecting. Maya was her half sister, sure. But the girl had made it pretty clear she wanted nothing to do with Dakota. So Dakota obliged the only other child of Zeus in the whole of the camp: she steered clear of the girl. The emphasis Maya placed on the word sis spoke volumes. A slight smile crossed Dakota's face as she stood up. "That boar's angrier than a wet hen in a tote bag." As the girl spoke, her eyes didn't leave the large creature. What could they do? They had no weapons, and half of the Demigods were drunk or halfway there. Drunken Demigods had slower reactions. Slow reactions got you killed. The chaos and the constant screaming, the general carnage the boar was causing was hectic, to put it lightly. But there had to be something they could do.

But what?

Dakota looked around the battlefield. It wasn't a comforting thought, referring to the amphitheater as a battle field. She knew Maya was among the newest of the campers at the camp, and though she was glad she was safe, Dakota could have yelled at the girl for being so stupid. Dakota was one of the campers who was fighting the thing, one of the many trying to draw its attention. She knew she didn't stand a chance against the creature, not by herself. She knew that the creature could maul herself to death in a heartbeat. Why did the girl put herself out on the line then? She trusted the other campers around her. They were risking their own lives to keep the wounded safe, and to keep the boar from wounding, or worse, the other campers. Dakota would be damned if she would let the creature kill her family, and she wouldn't do anything about it.

The ground shook suddenly, and Dakota acted on instinct. The girl grabbed Maya's wrist, her own feet spreading to help steady her balance. Hopefully Maya could keep her footing, it could be disastrous if the girl fell now. When the shaking stopped, Dakota let her hand fall to her side, eyes searching for the cause of the earthquake. Her eyes landed on the hunters, who had made a wide circle around the beast, which was now on its side. The creature thrashed on the ground, arrows poking out of its sides. But the creature's thrashing and squeals of pain weren't from the arrows in its pelt. It was from the two arrows that the lead huntress had shot into its eyes. A good shot, Dakota admitted.

The light blonde turned to her darker haired sibling. "Maya, go 'nd help the wounded. Git 'em outta danger." The words issued, Dakota turned. She barely registered the words Atalanta spoke, but she didn't pay the lead hunter any mind. Sure, it was good to have them here and everything, and they managed to wound and blind the boar.

But Dakota knew about wounded animals. She knew that they could be more dangerous than that of a healthy one. A wounded animal cornered was not something you wanted to mess with. Especially a wounded, blinded, in pain monster of an animal that was cornered.

Weapons were passed out. Dakota was handed a sword, which she took. "Unbalanced." It was heavy in her hands, and not the type she was used to. Dakota fought with a sword make for slashing, not one for stabbing. It would have to do. It was a good thing she was trained in multiple swords, though this one was her least favorite to use. Just her luck.

The daughter of Zeus noticed the line had finally formed. Now campers had better weapons to fight with than what was available at the party. Sure the Hunters had their bows, they had wounded the creature first, but now that the campers were armed, they could finish it out.

But they needed a plan.

Dakota made her way towards the forming ranks of Demigods, an eye on the boar. Giovanni had a plan it seemed. Good. It was better than what they had previously. At the moment, Dakota didn't mind it was a son of Hades who had come up with the plan, they just needed to kill the damn thing. A combination of Hell and Greek fire? It could work. Dakota nodded, giving her acknowledgment of the plan. Her eyes focused on the three pillars Alex had mentioned. It was a good idea, crazy enough that it just might work.

So Dakota did as Giovanni had suggested. The line of campers moved towards the boar, herding it towards the pillar. Perhaps the plan was just crazy enough to work.

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